Remember When ... Bosley Was in National Advertisements?

Amazon Echo Line

Remember when ... Bosley -- the television character, not the hair restoration company that sends me mail quarterly -- advertised for National Car Rental? In the late 1970s, David Doyle was well-known as John Bosley in the original Charlie's Angels television series, not the lesser-rated series reprise nor one of the subpar movies (2000 and 2003 with yet another remake starring Kristen Stewart scheduled for 2019). He also had an extensive history as an actor in commercials, including this 1978 National advertisement, where the major takeaway is the company's love of green.

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The Best Hotel Promotions for December

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

You know and love AutoSlash for the amazing deals we're able to get you on car rentals by applying coupons and discount codes. For years, our customers have asked us, "Can you do the same for hotels?" but up until now, we've been so focused on cars, we just didn't have the bandwidth to look at other travel products. I'm happy to report though that in the coming months, we'll be looking more closely at how we can help our customers get the best possible deals on their hotel stays.

As a first step, we've compiled a list of the best hotel promotions we could find. We've hand-checked each and every discount and laid out the terms and conditions for each so you don't waste your time. If you've got an upcoming trip planned, even if you've already booked a hotel, you owe it to yourself to check out these deals, as the savings could be significant.

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The Fee Detective Heads Back to Los Angeles, 15 Years into Building a Consolidated Rental Facility


AutoSlash and the Fee Detective have visited California multiple times. There's the voluntary assessment of 3.5% rental car companies chose to place on renters to promote tourism. California holds four of the top 10 spots on the "Most Expensive Free Rental Day" list. And then there's San Francisco. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) had escaped treatment by the Fee Detective ... until now. You see, the Fee Detective isn't fond of taxes on imaginary facilities.

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AutoSlash Drives the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee

Tail of the  Dragon

The AutoSlash team loves cars and driving. Actually, we love all forms of transportation and a few of us even have motorcycle endorsements. One night last spring, I joked about a "need" to drive the Tennessee Tail of the Dragon -- an icon in bike culture -- in the worst possible rental car. What is the Tail of the Dragon? It's a stretch of road with 318 turns in 11 miles, following the contour available and creating opportunities for multiple tourist-oriented businesses. A scenic drive that requires a lot of focus with 29 turns per mile, I decided the "worst possible" rental car for the trip would be the easy-to-find 2017 Nissan Versa Note. And it was (remarkably) a blast!

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Using Lyft over the Holidays? Delta May Provide the Gift of 1,000 Extra SkyMiles

Lyft Delta Promotion

In a previous blog post, we spoke about many partnerships available where a user of ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber can earn points, credits, or discounts. While we think about rental cars every day, there are frequently times when other forms of transportation (like ride-hailing) better meets our needs due to factors such as convenience and price. So we're happy to take advantage of offers such as picking up Uber credits when shopping with a Visa card at select stores or earning frequent flyer points/miles with Lyft. And for selected Delta SkyMiles customers, it's currently possible to earn 1,000 bonus Delta SkyMiles for a single Lyft trip.

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