New Uber Express Pool Provides Savings for Those Willing to Walk a Bit

Uber Express Pool

Our blog frequently mentions our use of ride-hailing services when rental cars don't meet our needs due to cost, convenience, parking, tolls, or other factors. We're even conscious of saving money (or getting rebates) when we use services like Lyft and Uber. Our rides have ranged from Uber Black to "regular Uber" and UberX, Uber Pool, and even the ill-fated Uber Shuttle (12-passenger Ford Transit vans to/from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport). And while we use the Uber Pool service, we recognize that time is money and sometimes we weren't OK with spending an additional 20 minutes en route if another passenger had to be picked up / dropped off. Uber has derived a solution that's currently available in eight U.S. markets.

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Avis Offers up to 3,250 Air Canada Aeroplan Miles Per Rental


Aeroplan is the official frequent flyer program of Air Canada (a member of Star Alliance) until June 30, 2020, when Air Canada will again launch its own frequent flyer program. The AutoSlash team uses Aeroplan miles from time-to-time, primarily to avoid the $75 last-minute award redemption fee on United Airlines. As we consistently focus on saving money on all of our travel, it would appear that an offer to earn up to 3,250 Aeroplan miles on an Avis rental as short as two days is a great deal. In practice, the deal can fall anywhere on the spectrum from horrible to fantastic.

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A Major Municipality Still Requires Rental Companies to Offer Printed Maps

Miami Area Map

In previous AutoSlash blog posts, we've spoken about ways of navigating once we get to our destinations, including downloading maps for offline use with GPS when visiting areas with limited (or expensive) cell coverage. After all, we're not fans of paying the rental car company an exorbitant fee to rent a navigation device when unnecessary! Yet in one major jurisdiction of the United States, there's still a legal requirement for rental car companies to create, promote, and print paper maps for any interested renters. These maps have to meet precise requirements defined by the local government; the current listing of rules is 16 pages without five necessary language translations. Rental car companies spend thousands of dollars designing and printing these compliant maps, raising rates for all local renters. Welcome to Miami-Dade County, Florida!

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"Old and Pregnant" Renter Arrested at Fort Myers Airport

Florida Crazy Map

The AutoSlash team has spent a lot of time in Lee County, Florida. My grandfather lived there late in his life and I can simply say I've seen "stuff" (much perpetuated by my own family) that has contributed to the "Florida Man" meme. In the AutoSlash blog, the previous record holder for "Most Florida Man" incident was the couple who blew up their rental car while operating the vehicle. Yet absurd behavior ignores gender boundaries and an inclusive story more sensational than MTV's "16 and Pregnant" series comes along -- the TCM / Lifetime exclusive "68 and Pregnant".

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Remember When ... Dollar Created a Car Piggy Bank?

Cutoff Saw

Remember when ... Dollar used a retired (at least, we hope retired) Eagle Vision to create a piggy bank in an ad? The commercial effectively turns the Eagle Vision into an Eagle bank (but not an FDIC-insured EagleBank or Eagle Bank), as our protagonist breaks out a cut-off machine with no visible safety equipment other than welder's safety glasses (which sounds like an awful lot of fun). Yet the fact that an Eagle Vision is being cut up in a Dollar advertisement itself reflects a lot about the transportation industry in the mid-1990s!

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