BREAKING NEWS: AAA Membership Now Waives the Underage Surcharge with Hertz

People under the age of 25 are at a significant disadvantage when renting a car. The underage surcharge (a.k.a. young renter fee) for those not aware, is a (hefty) extra per day fee that all rental companies tack on for drivers under the age of 25. While statistics show that drivers under the age of 25 have more accidents, you would think that as long as the driver has the necessary insurance that they rental company would be protected, however as is typical in the car rental industry, there are fees for everything. Given the meteoric rise of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, you would think that rental companies would be falling all over themselves to try to attract millennials, but unfortunately this seems to be a case of maximizing short term profit over long term growth.

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Car Rental Additional Driver Fees

Additional Driver Image One often-overlooked extra when renting a car is a fee for additional drivers on a car rental contract. Whether you plan on sharing the driving, or you're just looking to have the flexibility for a spouse or fellow traveler to get behind the wheel if needed, adding another driver your rental contract can be quite convenient. However, at $10 and up per day, these charges can add up quickly. Policies and fees vary greatly by company, location and situation though, so it's important to educate yourself beforehand to ensure you don't end up overpaying.

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When do I Pay to Replace a Rental Car?

When we rent cars, we assume some risk. If we cause an accident, we should expect to compensate the rental car company for the vehicle, per the contract that we initial here, here, here, here, and here while signing here. An accident while driving a rental car is a clear instance where we might directly pay to replace the vehicle.

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Why is there a Rental Car Fee Detective?

The Fee Detective is back but that raises one question: If AutoSlash offers guaranteed rates, why is there a need for a Fee Detective? Well, there are three different types of fees one encounters on rental cars, two of which are included in the guaranteed rates we provide.

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Car Rental Vehicle Classifications Demystified

One of the first general customer queries I saw at AutoSlash was:

"If my confirmation says ECAR, is it electric?"

It's an excellent question and we can say - without a doubt - that an ECAR would not be an electric car. Nissan Leafs and Tesla vehicles are offered by some companies, and the Toyota Prius is offered by more. If a member of the AutoSlash team were offered one of those at an ECAR rate, we would quickly accept the offer. The code ECAR is the four-character industry shorthand for economy (E), 2-4 door (C), automatic transmission (A), unspecified fuel with air conditioning (R).

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