Corvette Racing Contest Offers a 2019 Corvette, Trip to Daytona, and Rental Car

2019 Chevy Corvette Stringray Contest

Visitors to my home are frequently disappointed by one factor -- nothing at all related to the home but as we mentioned in our Nashville Airport Guide, the Corvette Assembly Plant tours in nearby Bowling Green, Kentucky have been suspended. Obviously, the Nissan assembly plant tour is cool for auto enthusiasts but the Corvette assembly plant tour is much cooler. After all, no one built a national museum and test track adjacent to the Nissan plant! Corvette has decided the celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Corvette Racing by offering a trip to the 2019 Rolex 24 race and a 2019 Corvette Stingray. We would be happy with the trip alone, without the $62,490 car.

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Discovery Channel Contest Offers a Trip to Hawai'i, Rental Car, and Shark Experience


We appreciate when contests awarding trips include rental cars as part of the prize; after all, we're a rental car blog and most contests offering trips provide little or no provision for transportation at the destination in the prize. And for some adult in the United States, winning the Swedish Fish Chomped Sweepstakes is going to result in a trip to Oahu, Hawai'i, hotel, rental car, a shark experience, and cash in conjunction with Discovery's Shark Week.

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Have a Plenti Point Balance? The Program End Date of July 10, 2018, is Rapidly Approaching


At one point in time, the Plenti program seemed so promising. Designed by American Express to be a single loyalty program among a large number of disparate businesses, there were many partners and even a credit card that earned Plenti points. Then all of the partners went away, until there were only four (ExxonMobil, Rite Aid, Chili's, and a grocery chain) plus the credit card. When Chili's and Rite Aid pulled out, AmEx threw in the towel. The Plenti program will completely cease and any residual points will expire on July 10, 2018. And while the AutoSlash team has already burned our points for fuel at various Exxon and Mobil stations, a small subset of users will find that their points won't expire but will be rolled over to a new program.

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The Fee Detective Revisits Los Angeles, Where LAX Cranks Up their Customer Facility Charge

LAX Airport

The AutoSlash Fee Detective series is one topic where we answer traveler questions and we got one from a traveler to Los Angeles International Airport. We've previously written about LAX, which has been collecting a $10 per car rental fee to construct a rental car facility since 2002. And of course, the facility doesn't yet exist -- the current plan is for the rental car center to open in 2023. However, one of our readers noted that renters who keep a car more than 24 hours now pay far more than $10 for the rental car facility that doesn't yet exist, for a reason noted in our previous article. In fact, LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports) is simply taking advantage of a provision written in California Civil Code. And remarkably, LAWA isn't (yet) at the current legal cap for user fees on the not-yet-constructed rental car facility.

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Avis Offers 100 Avis Preferred Points for Using their App to Select a Vehicle

Avis App

Avis has been pushing their high-quality app over the past year. Last summer saw the "App and Match" contest based up the childhood game Memory and renters in the fall could earn a free weekend rental day simply by interacting with the Avis app during a rental. Now, Avis is offering 100 points for any renter who uses the Avis app to select their vehicle at the pickup location between now and July 3, 2018. While 100 Avis Preferred points as a bonus might not seem like much, Avis revised their Preferred program such that free rental days begin at 700 points and extras such as child safety seats begin at 250 points and the only real requirements to complete the offer are entering an Avis Preferred number at the time of booking and using the app to select a vehicle of choice at major airport locations.

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