What Hertz's Bankruptcy Means for Your Next Car Rental

Hertz bankruptcyPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Hertz Car Rental filed for bankruptcy on May 22, the latest and arguably highest-profile victim of the economic downturn brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. A major player in the car rental industry since it began in 1923, Hertz is a dominant player with over 10,000 corporate and franchise locations internationally. Naturally, its bankruptcy sent shock waves through the industry. But what does it mean to you as a traveler?

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How to Avoid Landing on a Rental Car Do Not Rent List

Avoid getting on a rental car Do Not Rent list

Here's a dirty little secret. Every rental car company maintains a list of blackballed customers who are forbidden from renting. These drivers are persona non grata and placed on a Do Not Rent list, or DNR. Typically, the customer is deemed to present a risk in some way. But before a customer lands on a DNR, you can be sure that the rental car company has documented violations of the rental car contract or unpaid bills.

On rare occasions, we receive requests for help from AutoSlash users who happen to have made a rental car company’s Do Not Rent list. Unfortunately, we can't help someone get off the list, but we can answer many other questions a banned customer might have. And of course, we can offer tips on how to prevent showing up on this list.

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This Site Will Chop Your Monthly Bills Down to Size

billfixers legitPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Let's face it: We're in a pandemic and everyone can use a little extra money in their pocket right now. If you'd like to whittle down your bills for cable or your wireless provider, we've got a great tip.

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Great Drives: Tennessee's Tail of the Dragon

tail of the dragon tennesseePhoto Credit: Creative Commons: BRP_HDR_26" by sporadic is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The AutoSlash team loves cars and we look for every opportunity to drive on fun, iconic roads. The Tail of the Dragon, just over the North Carolina-Tennessee border, is a stretch of road with 318 turns in 11 miles. It's a scenic drive that requires a lot of focus, with 29 turns per mile. I tackled it in a rented 2017 Nissan Versa Note, and it was remarkably a blast.

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7 Vacation Ideas for the Summer of Social Distancing

car rental road trips amid covid-19Photo Credit: Shutterstock

With summer just around the corner, many of us are looking ahead to a few more months with no travel plans. Others are ready to venture out and take advantage of newly lifted stay-at-home orders, cheap gas, few crowds and an abundance of hotel deals.

If you are inclined to travel, some types of trips feel like relatively safe bets if your aim is to keep your distance from others:

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