National Offers Executive Members a Limited Time Offer for Free BMW X3 Upgrades


Among the AutoSlash team, it's no secret that I'm the most loyal to National, while other members of our team lean toward Hertz. When writing the overview of National's Emerald Club, I even fondly noted of an upgrade to a BMW X3 on a 2015 rental at Charlotte-Douglas Airport -- the Executive Aisle was empty, the staff was emptying the lot of specialty cars, and I didn't want the Escalade suggested as an alternative. 

From March 2017 and running through May 2017, many more renters are going to have the choice of the BMW X3 without any additional cost, as National is rolling out the BMW X3 as an offering at multiple (undisclosed) locations. Any Executive or Executive Elite status holder who finds a BMW X3 available in the Executive Aisle (one step up from the "regular" Emerald Aisle) can take the vehicle for no upcharge during this trial period.

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Remember When... Tattoo Advertised for Budget?


Remember when … the late Hervé Villechaize ("Tattoo" from Fantasy Island) was a spokesperson for Budget Rent A Car? When Budget Rent A Car was still the official car rental partner of Sears? When Sears was still a viable corporation? When rental car choice was effectively limited to the 1983 Mercury Lynx ($30 a day) and the 1983 Lincoln Town Car ($40 a day)? When Mercury was still an automotive nameplate? The world was very different in 1983 ...

This commercial is truly a gift that takes the oldest members of the AutoSlash team back to elementary and middle school - the youngest members of our team weren't even born yet!

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AutoSlash Tells -- Stories of Our Team Responding to Damage Claims on Cars We've Rented

Rental Car Accident

The members of the AutoSlash team are all frequent travelers. When we help renters, we often talk about our personal experiences with rental cars, both the good and the bad. One of the situations we all fear is damage to the rental vehicle, whether we caused the damage (and the weather is considered the "renter's fault") or the damage was the result of another. My primary fears for rental car damage is hail and other drivers; both of my damage reports requiring adjudication were hail-based and I don't rent vehicles when severe weather is expected. 

A damage claim on a rental car is frustrating but is often fairly trivial if a renter knows his or her coverage. Readers of the AutoSlash blog probably have already reviewed our Primer on Rental Car Insurance as well as Insurance when Renting Abroad. We encourage all renters to precisely know the limits of their insurance coverages before departure in order to understand the coverage that exists (or coverage that may need to be acquired).

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We Asked the BillFixers to Haggle Down Our Bills. You Won’t Believe How Much They Saved Us.


How much do you hate your cable company or your wireless provider? Do you feel like you're overpaying every month?

If you hate them as much as we do, that's a lot.

Here at AutoSlash, we like to think of ourselves at pretty good at getting a good deal. After all, we make our living off finding the best deals possible on car rentals and helping people save money! Most of us keep a pretty close eye on our everyday bills and drive a hard bargain with our cable and internet providers. However, our bills still have a tendency to linger or get away from us because who wants to deal with calling Comcast or AT&T? We'd liken the experience to having your teeth extracted without anesthesia.

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The AutoSlash Mailbag -- Questions (and Answers) about Finding Vehicles


We receive a lot of questions at AutoSlash, many of which have short answers but might be relevant to many renters. Those questions with short answers might be featured in the AutoSlash Mailbag. Our inaugural mailbag is about “finding” cars.

Question. How can I find an electric car?

Confirming an electric car would require some time and effort, including manual searches by the AutoSlash team (if an electric vehicle is even available). Not all companies rent electric and hybrid vehicles and these tend to sell out quickly – these are some of the very few rental cars where the rental car firms would guarantee exact models. Electric cars, like all other vehicle types, are categorized under the car rental industry's ACRISS codes. It's rare to be able to book an electric car, whether a Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, or a Tesla Model S. (Some popular destinations may have a Tesla or two available for an upgrade, though. We've been tempted!)

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