Premium Credit Cards That Offer Premium Car Rental Benefits

Amex Platinum

Rental car companies have a vested interest in credit card users. After all, the companies need to get paid by consumers and the days of cash deposits are long gone. Debit cards are also viewed as undesirable by the rental car companies as a proxy for "non-creditworthy renter" (whether fair or unfair). Using debit cards frequently come with many restrictions, if the rental car company will even accept the debit card at all! Without multiple forms of identification, large security deposits, and a successful credit check (among other provisions), the car renter with a debit card will likely be taking a taxi or Uber instead.

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Get $25 off UberBLACK in NYC with AMEX


Here's a great promo from Uber and American Express. You get $25 any one ride with Uber's UberBLACK service (nicer cars than UberX) when paying with your American Express card. The promotion is valid until January 31st and only in New York City, which includes Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

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For Whom the Road Tolls

E-Z Pass

As someone who logs about 45,000 miles a year behind the wheel - most of those miles in rental cars - there are two things that occasionally frustrate me on the road:

  • Drivers who don't understand the concept of right-of-way and
  • Tolls

I must admit that those two things sometimes result in contributions to the swear jar. I see the (indirect) benefit in contributing to the swear jar, as the proceeds are designated for a community organization. I'm not so keen on making contributions to the toll authorities in the 33 U.S. states (and Puerto Rico) currently charging tolls .

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Does Silvercar win the Gold? An Adventure in Vegas.


The origination of Silvercar began during a golf outing when a group of self-assumed cool guys was upgraded to a Dodge minivan. Their response was to build a company where every rental would be a car fit for cool individuals, resulting in a framework of Silvercar offering tricked-out silver Audi A4s (and only Audi A4s). The phrase "or similar" we see in many rentals doesn't exist at all with Silvercar.

Silvercar's Model Hearkens Back to History

Many of the car rental companies were historically owned by the automobile manufacturers, a convenient form of revenue/car sales as well as getting potential vehicle purchasers into their own cars for a "paid test drive". For much of my driving career, I knew that stopping at Hertz meant I was going to be driving a Ford, most often a Crown Victoria or Mercury Grand Marquis.

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Can I Receive Disability Accommodations with a Rental Car?

Hand Controls

When my family travels, one of our planning constraints is mobility devices. Due to an injury suffered while in military service, we have a combination of canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and even a Segway provided by the fantastic personnel at Segs4Vets. We also bring along the disability placard issued by our state, which (so far) has not encountered any resistance when parking out-of-state.

Our case is straightforward. My travel companion is medically precluded from driving, so I simply need to make sure that any of her equipment we bring will fit in the selected rental vehicle. The vehicles always go in my name, I'm the sole driver, and there are no other "special accommodations".

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