How to Get Your Forgotten Items from Car Rental Lost and Found

car rental lost and found

Did you leave something behind in your rental car? Whether it's your sunglasses on the visor, a phone charger under the seat or something more valuable, a forgotten item can be a nuisance or a huge problem. As soon as you make the discovery, it's important to contact the rental car company.

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Where to Rent a Car with a Stick Shift

car rental with stick shift

If you've ever tried to rent a car with a stick shift, you know that it's effectively impossible to find a rental car with a manual transmission in the United States. We have located a single exception—one place in the Midwest where you can rent manual sports cars from an unlikely candidate—none other than Budget Car Rental.

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TSA PreCheck vs Global Entry vs CLEAR vs Mobile Passport

TSA PreCheck Global Entry Clear

Running late for your flight? If you've ever had the dismal experience of waiting in a long, snaking security line, it's time to make a mental note to sign up for an expedited-screening program. But which one?

Along with TSA PreCheck and Global Entry, there's another program to consider called CLEAR. And for re-entry into the U.S., consider the Mobile Passport app.

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Where Can I Rent a BMW?

BMW car rentalPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Looking to rent a BMW? Pulling up in a car from this iconic German luxury brand is a surefire way to turn heads, no matter whether you're headed to an important business meeting, event or even a family vacation.

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What Advantage Rent a Car's Bankruptcy Means for Your Next Car Rental

Advantage bankruptcyPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Unlike Hertz's high-profile Chapter 11, which should not impact your rental car plans, the bankruptcies of Advantage Rent a Car and its sister E-Z Rent-a-Car should make travelers think twice about booking with them.

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