The Fee Detective in Kansas City, Missouri; Arena Rock (Partially) Keeps the Lights on at an Unoccupied Arena

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Readers of the AutoSlash blog know we’re not fans of fees, whether created by government agencies or the rental car companies themselves. It’s a common practice of cash-strapped governments and airport authorities to extensively tax individuals (air travelers) who are presumed to be tourists. Those funds are then frequently used for projects that wouldn’t be undertaken otherwise. And with that …

Kansas City, Kansas City here I ComeFats Domino

One of the more egregious sets of fees assessed on rental cars happens to be in Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO). The Fee Detective lived outside the city for more than a year and knew there were issues with rental car pricing.

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Partnership with Visa Allows Uber Users to Earn Credits on Retail Purchases

Uber Visa

We have to admit that some cross-promotional opportunities seem a bit baffling at times. Our blog frequently includes offers and specials related to ride-sharing companies. At times, companies like Lyft and Uber are great alternatives to a rental car or mass-transit! There are already multiple ways to earn discounts and credits using Uber but now there is a method of earning Uber credits for purchases at select retailers. A way to passively earn Uber credits for purchases a user might already be planning to undertake at restaurants and stores? Sign us up!

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The AutoSlash Review of the Payless App. The End.

Payless Car Rental Logo

Did you ever play on a Little League baseball or softball team that had to forfeit a game because half the team was sick and couldn't attend? That's effectively what we encounter with our Payless app review. The parent company (AvisBudget Group) makes fantastic apps for Avis and Budget, then doesn't even create a Payless app. At all. Not even a horrible app like the Dollar/Thrifty app that took a few hours to code. It's not surprising -- Payless also has a worthless rewards program that punishes consumers by locking them into prepaid rates instead of the Pay Later (Free Cancellation) rates AutoSlash finds. Payless is the Rodney Dangerfield of the rental car industry, except Rodney probably deserved some respect.

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A Hurricane of a Billing Issue—But Budget Steps Up

Hurricane Irma

Despite being car enthusiasts and avid road trippers, we at AutoSlash are most definitely not always fans of the rental car industry. It's replete with shady business practices, overly aggressive salespeople, and a lack of transparency (although some—National—are a little higher up on the scale than others—Payless), and we have no problem calling out problems when we find them.

Between that and our relentless pursuit of helping people get the lowest possible rate on their rental car, you can believe that we aren't exactly best friends with the rental companies.

But we're also fair, and when a company steps up and does the right thing, we want to give credit where credit is due. This time, it's a personal experience.

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San Diego Airport Electronically Camouflages New Airport Rental Center

New San Diego Airport Car Rental Center

San Diego International Airport recently unveiled a 1,600-foot long digital installation bringing what they term, "living, breathing" art to the facade of the new rental car center. The permanent art installation titled DAZZLE is an art piece transforming the 1,200-foot long façade of the new airport rental car center into a landmark mural. Dazzle camouflage was a type of ship camouflage used in World War I and developed by Norman Wilkinson. The bold graphic elements will be seen daily by hundreds of thousands of motorists on the adjacent Interstate 5 Freeway, but apparently will be passive and not give off any light pollution.

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