Why you Might Pay (and Pay Much More) with Payless Car Rental

"The pattern of unlawful and fraudulent conduct is almost unlimited in its creativity. The scams take every imaginable form."

If you thought that line could be stated by a federal prosecutor describing a professional criminal enterprise or The Wall Street Journal detailing the newest Ponzi scheme, you would ordinarily be correct. While the quote suggests a brilliant criminal enterprise, the line was actually used within a 52-page class action lawsuit submitted September 26, 2016, against Payless Car Rental and parent firm AvisBudget Group in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey.

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Picking up a Car Rental During Hurricane Matthew

Normally, the advice about renting a car in a hurricane generally consists of: don't.

However, if you're bound and determined to fly into the path of Hurricane Matthew and rent a car, here's some helpful advice about picking up your car. (If you've already picked up and need to know about returning it, we've got you covered here with some information on that.)

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Returning a Car Rental During Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew got your car stuck? Don't worry—maybe, according to some rental car companies.

Some companies have put disaster waivers into place that give travelers some additional flexibility if they're affected by the storm. Here's what you we know:

First, the rental companies at major airports, train stations, and cruise ports are currently indicating that they'll be open as normal, as long as the transportation facilities remain open. (For local offices in the path of the hurricane, you might want to call the office ahead of time and see what their forecast is.)

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Olympic Survey: Michael Phelps, Simone Biles & Katie Ledecky Top Road Trip Companions

road Trip Image

There are so many extraordinary athletes participating in the games this year, it's been incredible to witness. But what if you were given the opportunity to road trip with one of them?

We recently conducted a survey asking participants which Olympic athlete they would most like to hit the open road with, if given the chance. Fifty-eight percent said that among male Olympians, swimmer Michael Phelps would be their top choice. Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky tied (26%) for shotgun with road-trippers among female Olympians.

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A Quick Primer on Car Rental Insurance

You've probably been there before. You're standing at the car rental counter, and the agent is trying to terrify you into purchasing an insurance package that totals more than the rental itself. After all, they're not getting rich off that super $10 a day deal that you snagged through AutoSlash!

Before you dismiss the pitch with a wave though, and initial eight times in the 'DECLINE' section of rental agreement, there are some things you probably should consider to ensure sure you're adequately protected in the event of an accident. Here's a quick guide to covering your bases when renting in the US (policies outside the US vary greatly).

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