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Worth A Second Look: Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home

Amazon Echo vs. Google Home

AutoSlash's first and foremost passion will always be saving people money on rental car rates, but we'll admit to being fans of futurism, too. We're still waiting for fusion-powered cars (though if company founder Jonathan wants to get us all self-driving Teslas, we'll consider that an acceptable substitute), but in the meantime, we're fans of as much Treknology as we can get our hands on.

And there isn't anything more Star Trek than talking to a computer. Fortunately, we don't have to wait another 300 years for that to happen—as we pointed out last month, Amazon's Echo has very much made that an everyday reality now.

One thing we didn't cover last month was Google's answer to Amazon. Thanks to great holiday sales, I was able to pick up both devices—an Amazon Echo and a Google Home—at a great price, and I've really put them through their paces over the past month so I could share my perspective here.

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Pay With GasBuddy

Pay with GasBuddy

Some apps are nice to have. Others are necessary. GasBuddy Is one of those in the latter category.

GasBuddy tracks fuel prices at over 140,000 gas stations in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Although it has a website, GasBuddy is best used as an app on the go. It's been downloaded over 60 million times—and for good reason: nobody likes to overpay for gas. And it's especially fantastic for people renting cars.

Most rental car offices require you to fill up within a few miles of the airport, but if you come into the airport on the main road, you'll usually see inflated gas prices. A small detour of a few blocks can result in significant savings. With GasBuddy, it's easy to quickly find other options with much lower prices.

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How To Slash Your Airfare

First Rental Car

At AutoSlash, we're all about saving money. And as frequent travelers ourselves—most of us to the tune of between 50,000 and 100,000 miles flown per year—we're all about saving money on flights, too.

It's a little harder to get discounts on flights than on rental cars up front. Unlike the rental car industry, the airlines don't publish coupons and don't give discounts for being members of various organizations But there are few tricks to knocking down the price of your fare.

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Six Reasons To Avoid Basic Economy Fares

Basic Economy Fares

Just when you thought the airline industry couldn't get any worse, the bean counters that run the airlines somehow invent a new low.

All three of the major "legacy" carriers (American, Delta, and United) have now rolled out what they term as "Basic Economy" fares. We take a look at what these fares mean, why they are a bad idea, and what you can do to avoid them.

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Hertz Wants You To Sell Rental Car Insurance In Your Pajamas

Hertz Kiosk

Working from home is becoming mainstream, but I never expected that I could have done my old job from the comfort of my own home. Yet that's what Hertz recently announced openings for.

Hertz is hiring home-based video call center specialists. It's a pretty innovative solution to the problem of staffing for on-and-off cycles of rushes: rather than hiring extra agents that would sit around doing nothing after the line dies down, someone at another location can step in and help virtually. It actually works pretty well, though I think Hertz needs to do a better job putting it in front of people—I often see 50 people standing in a 30-minute line when there's an entire bank of kiosks waiting to be used just to the side.

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