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Stuff The Airlines Don't Want You To Know About Tracking Flight Prices

First Rental Car

At AutoSlash, we're all about saving money. And as frequent travelers ourselves—most of us to the tune of between 50,000 and 100,000 miles flown per year—we're all about saving money on flights, too.

It's a little harder to get discounts on flights than on rental cars up front. Unlike the rental car industry, the airlines don't publish coupons and don't give discounts for being members of various organizations But there are few tricks to knocking down the price of your fare.

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The Low Down on Avis Preferred

Avis Preferred

Avis's long-running corporate motto has been "We Try Harder." Initially, that meant "harder than Hertz," their long-time larger competitor. Nowadays, they're the third largest of the three major rental car companies, but with a large global presence, Avis offers a full suite of services aimed at the frequent business traveler.

Avis's loyalty program, Avis Preferred, is free to sign up for. Like its larger competitors ( Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and National Emerald Club), it has two parts: an express rental program to speed you on your way and a rewards program to earn free days. Let's take a look at what it offers.

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Why I (Almost) Always Book My Flights Through Priceline

Priceline Flights

It's no secret that all of us here at AutoSlash are travel addicts.

On top of renting dozens of cars a year and staying many nights in hotels, we also fly tens of thousands of miles all over the globe. (We justify it to ourselves by saying we have to be travel experts in order to provide the best service to our customers, but really we all just suffer from an acute case of wanderlust.)

Much of my travel has been on cheap airfare sales or even outright mistake fares. I don't think I've spent more than $500 (round-trip!) to cross any ocean in the last nine years (not counting the miles I've redeemed to fly international first class, of course).

While there are all kinds of sources out there to help us find those cheap airfares—one of the ones I've found the most productive is, but there are lots of others we'll cover some other time—I always gravitate towards one place to book my flights: Priceline.

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Why I Buy Travel Insurance—And When

Travel Insurance

Chances are you've seen them—the ads for travel insurance or the box to check (with a hidden "skip" button) to add trip insurance when buying your flight.

Is travel insurance a good deal? Should you buy it? The answer is, of course, as clear as mud: "it depends."

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The Low Down on Budget Fastbreak

Budget Fastbreak

Budget shares the value market with Alamo, Dollar, and Thrifty. As such, its benefits and rewards are aimed at the price-conscious occasional renter rather than the frequent business traveler.

Budget's program, termed Budget Fastbreak, offers some—but not all—of the benefits associated with sister company Avis's Preferred service, usually at a lower daily rate. Signing up for Fastbreak is free and only takes a minute or two.

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