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The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals

black friday cyber monday travel deals

Looking for a great deal on an upcoming trip? We've gathered some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, with huge savings on rental cars, hotels, and other travel services.

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How to Find the Best Holiday Car Rental Deals

Christmas holiday car rental deals

Will you be traveling for Christmas or the New Year? Join the club. The AAA estimated that over 102 million million Americans hit the roads to see friends and family over the holidays, which is twice the amount of traffic we see at Thanksgiving. The auto club is predicting that more than one-third of Americans will travel this holiday season, which will be a new record.

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Your Costco Card Can Score a Cheap Car Rental

Costco car rental discount

Looking for a cheap car rental? Your Costco card—the one you use to buy 36-pack rolls of toilet paper and boxes of breakfast cereal large enough to feed your high school graduating class—is also a passport to car rental discounts.

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Secrets to Getting a Cheap One-Way Car Rental

Secrets to snagging a cheap deal on a one-way car rental

A one-way car rental is one where you pick up the car at one rental office and drop it off at a different location. One-way rentals can be one of the most convenient ways of getting from A to B, but they can also be very costly. We will share ways to reduce that sting through some smart shopping and a few tricks of the trade.


Why Are One-Way Car Rentals So Expensive?


Often hefty "drop fees" are tacked on to to the base rental rate, which can inflate your total cost significantly. Other times, the base rate is over-inflated as compares with a standard rental where you pick up and drop off at the same location.

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It Can Be Hard to Rent a Car at an Airport if You're Not Flying

car rental from local airport

If you're looking for a rental car in your own backyard—maybe your car is getting repaired or you need a roomier ride for houseguests—it often pays to check rates at your local airport, too. Sometimes airport rentals can actually be cheaper than in-town rentals, and airport rental office hours are usually much more flexible than those at your neighborhood branch.

But if you live near an airport—typically within 100 miles or within the same state—you may encounter extra restrictions if you can't produce a plane ticket. Unfortunately, these terms and conditions are often buried in fine print, so you may have an unwelcome surprise at the rental counter. Let's take a look at how rental car company policies stack up:

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