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How to Avoid Paying Too Much for Car Rental Options

car rental options

Want to keep your car rental costs down? Scoring a great deal on a rental car is only half the battle. There are myriad ways to sabotage your sweet deal at the rental car counter.

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American Express Car Rental Insurance Coverage Outside the U.S.

American Express rental car insurance

When you rent a car outside the U.S. and Canada, it's always worth checking to see if your credit card benefits include rental car insurance in the country you are visiting. In September 2017, American Express made some policy changes that are good news for cardholders renting in three popular destinations.

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How to Avoid Car Rental Additional Driver Fees

Avoiding additional driver fees

One often-overlooked extra when renting a car is a fee for additional drivers. Whether you plan on sharing the driving or would like the flexibility for a fellow traveler to get behind the wheel if needed, adding another driver your rental contract can be quite convenient. At $10 per day and up, this charge can add up quickly—unless you find a way to avoid the fee altogether.

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Secrets to Getting a Cheap One-Way Car Rental

Secrets to snagging a cheap deal on a one-way car rental

A one-way car rental is one where you pick up the car at one rental office and drop it off at a different location. One-way rentals can be one of the most convenient ways of getting from A to B, but they can also be very costly. We will share ways to reduce that sting through some smart shopping and a few tricks of the trade.

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Why You Probably Should Not Prepay for Your Rental Car

prepay for rental car

Shopping online for a rental car can often be a confusing process. We all want a cheap car rental, but don't always know how to get the best price. One of the first choices you'll face is whether to make a standard reservation where you simply provide your contact information and pay for the car later, at the rental counter, when you pick up the car. Alternatively, you can opt for a prepaid rental in which you pay in full at the time the reservation is made. Is it a good idea to prepay for a car rental? Or do you get a better deal by paying later?

In most cases, you'll get a better deal by booking a publicly available discounted "Pay Later" rate and then watching for price drops. If you get locked into a prepaid rate, you risk missing out on a better deal.

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