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AutoSlash Encounters an Unpublished Rule on a Nevada-to-California Rental

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If you read our blog, you know we're fans of the programs where we can reserve a car that meets minimum characteristics (such as mid-size or full-size) and then select any car available among a selection made available for members. Our team members rent a lot from Hertz and National due to these factors (Avis' selection tends to be underwhelming or non-existent) but we had never encountered an example where a vehicle in the allotted area was off-limits, theoretically due to a law. We have encountered a situation where a National Executive Aisle car wasn't available because National "gave" part of the Emerald Aisle to Enterprise for "convenience", but never have been presented with the idea that there's some form of legal restriction. I had selected my desired car from the Executive Aisle  -- the 305 HP 2018 Chevrolet Impala V6 Premier, the almost-official car of the AutoSlash team -- and got to the security gate. And the representative made me turn around to pick up a different car.

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Uber and AmEx Partnership Weakens a Bit, Continuing a Trend


Last fall, we wrote about how Uber's partnership with Starwood Preferred Guest was slated for termination on December 17, 2017. That partnership had already degraded, as the number of Starpoints riders earned for using Uber had previously been decreased before complete elimination. Now, there's an announcement stating Uber users holding American Express cards will also lose the ability to earn bonus Membership Rewards points for Uber fares charged to the card. And while the number of points earned is minimal, it does show that Uber's cutting back on many promotional tie-ins while inexplicably maintaining others.

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Upside Down in a Sinkhole -- A Rental Car Incident and Also a Great Cover Band Name


The stories of ill-advised actions of a tiny proportion of rental car users are a nice diversion for the AutoSlash team. We really do work hard to have a system that helps legitimate renters find the lowest possible prices on their rental cars, so Felony Friday is a good source of clean fun (albeit at someone else's expense). And a recent arrest out of Cave City, Kentucky is amusing while raising a few questions. It is also an example of how neither Nissan nor the Super 8 Cave City wish to make the media!

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Remember When ... Avis Promised Rapid Return with a Monstrous Kiosk

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Remember when ... Avis promised Rapid Return? The company has frequently been the first to come out with new creations in the rental car market and the kiosk had promise. Rather than waiting for an attendant to get out of a vehicle and walk to your rental car, a customer in 1983 could simply walk to a kiosk, enter the 6-digit rental car code, the odometer reading, and fuel level to get a print-out of charges ... as long as there wasn't any damage to the car or "misstatements" in the check-in process. 

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Renting a Vehicle in Europe? Those Open Borders Aren't So Open


Western Europe is more geographically dense than the United States and one of our favorite parts of traveling there is the ability to quickly and freely travel from one country to another. However, the close proximity to other nations means that a renter has to be acutely aware of the geographic restrictions that are placed on a rental car. While the U.S. is almost three times larger than Western Europe, we tend to have much more liberty when driving a rental car in the United States. Some companies (namely Sixt) have strict geographic restrictions but otherwise, the rental car companies tend to allow free reign as to where we can drive within the U.S. And while crossing over to Mexico is a challenge, Canada is normally allowed with minimal restrictions. Those restrictions are all listed in the Rules of the Reservation, and European rentals often have more rules than a U.S. rental. So what are the aspects we recommend reviewing when seeking to cross European borders in a rental car?

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