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What to Know About Turo Car Rental Insurance

Turo car rental insurance

The popular peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace Turo removes a lot of the pains associated with renting through a traditional rental car company. Renting with Turo is often cheaper and the platform is super easy to use, but renters should be aware that there's a significant difference in how Turo's insurance works that may present a downside for some renters.

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Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Rental Car

buy used rental car

Thinking of buying a used rental car? The prices can seem too good to be true, and there are valid concerns about how the car was treated by renters during its short life. Rental car companies want to keep their fleets new and up-to-date, so they sell off their old cars to dealerships and directly to consumers to make room for new vehicles.

In our guide to buying a used rental car, we break down the pros and cons, financing, and other concerns.

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What To Do If Your Rental Car Breaks Down

car rental breakdown


A breakdown in your car sucks. A breakdown in a rental car can be a nightmare.

First things first. Safely pull over and turn on your flashers. Try to determine the source of the issue—is it simple, like a dead battery or an empty gas tank, or is it complex, like an oil leak or squeaky brakes?

This guide will walk you through how to deal with rental car breakdowns.

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Ultimate Guide to Cheap Long-Term Car Rentals

cheap long term car rentals

Need a rental car for more than a month? Easier--and pricier--said than done. While a rental car company may quote you thousands to rent for a few months, you may find that your personal car insurance won't cover you.

But fear not. Our handy guide will help you find both the car--and affordable insurance--you need.

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When to Consider Picking Up an Unwanted Car Lease

pick up unwanted car lease

Thinking of renting a car for a few months? It might be best to avoid rentals altogether and pick up a car lease from someone who is trying to unload theirs. LeaseTrader and Swap-a-Lease are online marketplaces designed to connect people looking for a car lease with those wanting to get out of one. Think of them as for car leases. Both services feature listings with many months left on a lease, but you can find short-term deals, too.

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