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I Paid $10 to Watch 30 Movies in Theatres. Here’s How I Did It

UPDATE: MoviePass is constantly updating their offer. Please check the MoviePass website for the latest offer. As of May 3, 2018, the $9.95/mo for unlimited movies offer is back.


Conversations happening all over America:

"Have you heard of MoviePass?"

"No, what is it?"

"You pay $9.95 a month and can see one movie a day?"

"Wait, what?"


"How's that even possible?"

"Yeah. IDK. But let's go to the movies while it lasts!"

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The Ultimate SLASH! Enter the FREE CAR RENTAL contest!

Win a Free Car Rental

AutoSlash is feeling the love this Valentine's Day and we're hosting a contest for a FREE car rental!

Here's how to enter!

You can enter up to 10 TIMES.
T E N !!!!!

Rack 'em up:

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Car Rental
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