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Does Geico Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Geico rental car coverage

Do you get confused at the rental car counter about how much insurance coverage you need? You're not alone. If you own Geico auto insurance for your primary vehicle, the good news is that you're covered for rental cars. The big caveat is that you're covered only to the limits of your personal vehicle's auto policy.

Your Geico car insurance will extend to your rental vehicle to the same coverage limit as your primary vehicle. That means if you drive a brand new luxury sedan and rent a compact car, you're good to go. But what if you drive a 15-year-old banger and want to rent a full-size vehicle with a ton of bells and whistles? That's where it gets tricky.

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Can You Use a Rental Car for Uber?

use a rental car for Uber

Thinking of driving a rental car to earn income as an Uber driver? It's possible—as long as you rent the vehicle through an approved partner company in one of a dozen or so select locations.

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What To Do If You Crash Your Rental Car

car rental crash

The last thing you need on vacation is a car accident, and especially not in a rental car. Before you drive away from the rental company lot, arm yourself with the lowdown on what to do if the worst happens.

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The Best Movie Theater Subscription Services for Travelers

minimum age to rent a car

If you spend a lot of time on the road and love watching the latest flicks, a movie theater subscription can be a money-saving idea. But not all plans are created equal. Here's a comparison of options for film lovers on the go:

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Win a Free Rental Car from AutoSlash Worth Up to $250!

Find Shockingly Low Rates on Car Rentals at AutoSlash

Need a cheap rental car? Find out how AutoSlash always finds the best deals by scouring the Internet for coupons and promotions. Then we'll track your reservation for price drops so you can rebook and save even more. Visit and you'll never overpay for a car rental again.

Posted by AutoSlash on Tuesday, August 14, 2018


This contest has concluded. Congratulations to our two winners, Twitter user @cinemaTARApher and Facebook user Kelly Freeman, who have each won a free car rental worth up to $250!


Which of AutoSlash's amazing super powers do you love the most: Our ability to scour the Internet for shockingly low car rental prices? Or the way we track your reservation for price drops to make sure you never, ever overpay for a car rental?

Check out this handy video on why AutoSlash is always a shockingly good choice when you need a rental car, then help us spread the word to your friends, family and beyond.

To thank you for making AutoSlash the number one site for cheap car rentals, we're giving away a free car rental worth up to $250 to two lucky fans. Use it for your Labor Day weekend getaway or for another trip this fall or winter.

Love the wind in your hair as you cruise to the beach? Rent a convertible on us! Want to take the whole family to an amusement park? Use your free rental on a roomy SUV! We encourage upgrading until you reach the $250 maximum.

It's quick and easy and you can enter up to 5 times.

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