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What To Do If You Crash Your Rental Car

car rental crash

The last thing you need on vacation is a car accident, and especially not in a rental car. Before you drive away from the rental company lot, arm yourself with the lowdown on what to do if the worst happens.

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What to Know About Turo Car Rental Insurance

Turo car rental insurance

The popular peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace Turo removes a lot of the pains associated with renting through a traditional rental car company. Renting with Turo is often cheaper and the platform is super easy to use, but renters should be aware that there's a significant difference in how Turo's insurance works that may present a downside for some renters.

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A Quick Primer on Car Rental Insurance

car rental breakdown


You're standing at the car rental counter, and the agent is trying to terrify you into purchasing an insurance package that costs more than the rental itself. Do you cross your fingers and decline the coverage? Or do you play it safe and pay for insurance that effectively doubles the cost of your rental car?

Here's a quick guide to help you cover your bases confidently when renting in the United States.

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Should You Buy Extra Car Rental Collision Insurance?

Do I need rental car insurance?

Not sure whether to buy insurance at the car rental counter? Here's how to figure out what the smart move is.

When You Don't Need Supplemental Car Rental Insurance

If you're like most Americans, you can skip the collision damage waiver offered at the rental counter, as it likely duplicates coverage you already have. This guideline applies if:

  1. You own a car. It's highly likely that your car insurance extends to rental cars. To be sure, call your insurance company and ask:

    • Do I have collision and comprehensive coverage on my policy?
    • Does my collision and comprehensive coverage extend to rental cars?
    • Are there any limits on what kind of cars I'll be covered for?
    • Am I covered for Loss Of Use and Diminution of Value?
    • What risks do I run if I file a claim for damage to a rental car?
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Get Affordable Car Rental Insurance with Sure

AutoSlash for car rental deals

When it comes to car rental insurance, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Don't know if you need insurance? First, determine whether you are already covered for rental car collision damage. If it turns out that you need supplemental coverage, know that there is a reliable, less expensive alternative than the insurance you'll be offered at the rental counter.

AutoSlash is excited to announce a partnership with Sure to offer exceptional rental car coverage at a truly fantastic price.

What makes Sure such a great option? Sure tells us that:

  • Sure offers inexpensive plans that start as low as $6 per day (depending on your state) — that's less than half the price that rental car companies charge.
  • Sure's coverage is primary. That means if you have an incident, you won't have to file a claim with your personal auto insurance policy and jeopardize your premium—or pay your deductible.
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