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Sixt Goes Upscale with Sardinia Fleet, Offering Only MINI and BMW Vehicles


Planning a trip to Sardinia? If so, we can only say we're a bit envious -- everything we see from tourist promotion materials and traveler rating websites shows an area with fantastic natural beauty, high-quality accommodations, and activities for everyone (including a UNESCO World Heritage site). After all, Sardinia is a big island with much to explore (the two airports are over 150 miles apart). Car enthusiasts who've made their way to the island have access to another treat. Sixt has partnered directly with auto manufacturers to guarantee every vehicle in their local fleet is either a model produced by MINI or BMW. Sixt has a reputation for slightly more upscale offerings at their rental sites but still, Sardinia represents a rarity. At the time of reservation, the vehicle manufacturer will be known and most renters will be able to ascertain precisely which vehicle model should be assigned.

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Traveling Abroad and Renting a Car? Check to See if an International Driving Permit (IDP) is Necessary

International Driving Permit

The AutoSlash team really loves traveling, both domestically and abroad. In fact, we're all at various stages of visit X number of countries by age X  such as "40 by 40" and "50 by 50". We're also adventurous in our travels -- we spend more time speaking foreign languages abroad than English (although a trip to the U.K. is always welcome). And the fact that we frequently find ourselves speaking multiple languages during our travels is a reminder of an oft-overlooked factor for international travelers desiring to drive; whether the vehicle in question is a rental car or a privately-owned vehicle, driving in many countries on a standard U.S.-issued driver's license is illegal without the addition of an International Driving Permit (IDP). And while we might immediately think of the language(s) spoken at the rental car counter, an IDP is specifically about meeting legal requirements in a consistent manner.

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Seeing Absurd Rental Car Prices at the Airport? Renting Off-Airport May be an Option!

Off-Airport Rental Location

The Fee Detective series frequently speaks about the downright abusive tax and fee burdens renters face at many airports around the country. Those tax and fee burdens create a conundrum for airport users. Often, the total rates are cheaper at airports than at off-airport locations -- after all, airport competitors are often side-by-side. Yet the high taxes imposed at airports combined with excessive demand might create absurd rates at airports but far more palatable rates at neighborhood (non-airport) locations! Flying into an airport during one of those peak demand periods, need a rental car, and are willing to figure out how to get yourself from the airport to the neighborhood rental car location? There might be a way to save on rentals (unless traveling into Denver)!

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Can You Rent A Tesla? Yes, But You Need To Know Where To Look.

Tesla Rental

Enthralled by Tesla vehicles? Sitting on the waitlist for the Tesla Model 3 like many of our friends? While it's not possible to move up the Model 3 waitlist (without upgrading the Model 3 to make it cost as much as the Model S), there are many options to rent Teslas, whether through affiliates of traditional rental car companies or through start-up firms that specialize in Tesla vehicles. After all, what other vehicle on the highway can be placed into "Launch Mode" and accelerate from 0-60 in under 2.3 seconds!

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7 Actually Useful Road Trip Products

Road Trip

Planning a road trip and looking for some actually useful accessories? We looked through hundreds of products and plucked out 7 "WOW" products that you're seriously going to need before you hit the road. They're going to help you stay cool, connected, clean, and rolling.

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