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What To Do If You Crash Your Rental Car

car rental crash

The last thing you need on vacation is a car accident, and especially not in a rental car. Before you drive away from the rental company lot, arm yourself with the lowdown on what to do if the worst happens.

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Here’s How Old You Need to Be to Rent a Car

minimum age to rent a car

At age 18, you are be old enough to vote, serve on a jury and get married. But in the vast majority of American states, you are not old enough to rent a car.

You have to be 21 years old to rent a car from eight of 12 major rental car companies. Three of the remaining companies let you rent a car when you turn 20 and one goes as low as 19 years old. In only two of 50 states—Michigan and New York—can you rent a car when you turn 18.

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Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Rental Car

buy used rental car

Thinking of buying a used rental car? The prices can seem too good to be true, and there are valid concerns about how the car was treated by renters during its short life. Rental car companies want to keep their fleets new and up-to-date, so they sell off their old cars to dealerships and directly to consumers to make room for new vehicles.

In our guide to buying a used rental car, we break down the pros and cons, financing, and other concerns.

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3 Ways to Maximize a Weekend Car Rental Deal

weekend car rental deals

Looking for a great deal on a weekend car rental? Car rental companies can offer very attractive weekend promo rates—but there are often some strings attached. Knowing a little about rental car logic will help you get the most bang for your buck out of a weekend rental.

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What to Do if Hurricane Florence Impacts Your Car Rental

car rental in hurricane

Hurricane Florence is heading for the East Coast and expected to make landfall within days. While the National Hurricane Center says the storm could hit anywhere along the southeastern U.S., tracking models indicate that it is most likely to hit North or South Carolina.

Here's what to do if this hurricane has impacted your rental car reservation.

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