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How to Find the Best Military Discounts for Rental Cars

military discounts on car rentals

Every major rental car company offers some sort of discount to military families who are renting a car for personal travel. (Official travel gets booked through different systems such as a DTS travel coordinator.)

Virtually every military discount is a nice gesture, but some of these discounts and offers are more valuable than others—in fact, there's only one discount program we consistently recommend to military families based on our experience searching over one thousand different publicly available discount combinations day in and day out.

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Ultimate Glossary of Car Rental Terms

glossary of car rental terms


Don't know a CDW from an AWD? And what the heck is a Concession Recovery Fee? When you're renting a car, it's very handy to learn a bit of industry terminology so there are no nasty surprises.

Here's an A-to-Z guide to terms you may see on your rental agreement or hear at a rental car counter:

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There is No Such Thing as a Free Day on an Airport Rental Car

car rental awarded free day


If you've been racking up award points in your favorite car rental loyalty program, you may be considering cashing in some points for a free day. Be forewarned: It matters where you choose to pick up your vehicle.

If you choose to pick up your car at an airport, your "free day" won't actually turn out to be free after all, thanks to an assortment of taxes and fees at can add up to $20 per day or more. On the other hand, if you redeem award points for a free day at a non-airport location, you could find that taxes and fees add up to mere pennies.

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Not Every Rental Car Comes with Unlimited Miles

car rental with limited mileage


Most car rentals come with unlimited mileage, but that's not always the case. There are still many examples of geographic restrictions, and rental companies can get miffed if a renter drives too many miles in an "unlimited" rental, in extreme cases even putting drivers who rack up excessive miles on the Do Not Rent list.

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What To Do If Your Rental Car Breaks Down

car rental breakdown


A breakdown in your car sucks. A breakdown in a rental car can be a nightmare.

First things first. Safely pull over and turn on your flashers. Try to determine the source of the issue—is it simple, like a dead battery or an empty gas tank, or is it complex, like an oil leak or squeaky brakes?

This guide will walk you through how to deal with rental car breakdowns.

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