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The Fee Detective Visits Boston, Where The Resistance Against Taxation is Relative

Sixt MyDriver

Boston is one of the favorite cities of the AutoSlash team -- we're geeks about travel and the history of our nation. It may come to a surprise to many travelers that a region famously (and rightfully) known for protesting against the Tea Act would later seek to impose taxes on every individual who visits the fine city! Every member of the AutoSlash team has flown into Boston-Logan International Airport and dealt with the airport taxes there. And there are a lot of taxes to talk about! 

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The Fee Detective Visits Pittsburgh for a Tax that Exists Simply Because it Can


Pittsburgh is a city with a lot of fond memories for the AutoSlash team and lies at the confluence of three rivers (the answer to today's trivia question is at the end of this article). Those of us raised on the East Coast remember when Pittsburgh International Airport was a major hub for U.S. Airways (now American Airlines). And PNC Park happens to be my favorite setting for Major League Baseball. Even the band They Might Be Giants included an ode to Pittsburgh in their venues series.

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Waco Attempts to Whack Tourists to Pay for Fairground Renovations


Waco, Texas is a perfectly nice city in the very big State of Texas. Home to Baylor University, Waco has been in the news for both impressive achievements and unsavory activities/practices in the past. None of the AutoSlash team lives in the region, so a visit by the Fee Detective means only one thing – the region has decided to play games with the tax rates assessed on rental cars. And the region’s new game is happily attempting to extract revenue from visitors to explicitly pay for facilities that are not overtly intended for visitors. In this case, the fee is intended to support the county fairgrounds.

Introducing the Extraco Events Center (née Heart O’ Texas Coliseum)!

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Fee Detective Visits Las Vegas -- A Little Fun With Spreadsheets (not Casino Win-Loss Reports)

Las Vegas

One of our frequent AutoSlash users reached out to the Fee Detective about some previous car rentals in Las Vegas, unsure about the computations of taxes and fees. We get questions as to whether the various taxes are included in the AutoSlash rate frequently (they are). In this case, the reader even included spreadsheets, questioning whether the computations and practices were legal! As a result, we were happy to take a walk through an average billing statement in Las Vegas.

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Fee Detective in Fort Lauderdale. When your $28/day Convertible Costs more than $54/day after Fees.

Fee Detective

At AutoSlash, we really do endeavor to relay the types of rental car experiences our fellow renters might experience, whether those experiences are positive or negative. The Fee Detective recently made a trip to Fort Lauderdale for a few field tests. In fact, our aims were to create an airport rental car review of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (available here), measure the double-shuttle shuffle, drive a convertible, test out the Sixt upgrade process, and review Sixt's fees at Fort Lauderdale. Three of these aspects were relevant for a Fee Detective article -- the time (and money) cost of the double shuttle, using Sixt's upgrade process to intentionally reserve a smaller car (and save a few dollars) and reviewing the fees that Sixt has uniquely decided to impose upon many of their rentals.

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