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The Fee Detective Visits Columbus -- What Comes First, the Rental Car Center or the New Terminal?

Ohio Buckeye

What can we say about Columbus, Ohio? It's the home of The Ohio State University and the airport is named after one of the coolest astronauts to ever live. It's also a short drive from the National Museum of the United States Air Force, one of our favorite places in the State of Ohio. The airport will -- over the coming years -- be receiving a new airport terminal (by 2035-ish) as well as a new rental car center (by 2020). And in a move that could do nothing but backfire, the new rental car facility will be built adjacent to the not-yet-designed terminal, necessitating shuttle buses as a "long-term temporary" fix!

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The State of Virginia takes Dynamic Tolling to an Absurd Level

E-Z Pass

The AutoSlash team isn't fond of tolling (especially all-electronic tolling) because of the compliance burden and cost incurred by vehicle renters. In areas with electronic tolling, those renters who desire to use toll roads have to pay not only the tolls but also the rental car companies for a vehicle equipped to pay tolls. The State of Virginia slowly joined the fast-track to the Fee Detective "Hall of Shame" with their newest form of dynamic, electronic tolling on Interstate 66 just outside of Washington, D.C.

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The Fee Detective Visits Maui, Where Rental Cars Users are Facing a Massive Tax Increase

NOTE: After this post, the Hawai'i Legislature took the stance that this fee might be better collected statewide and used for projects on the state's priority list (read, "not Maui")
Maui Jeep Rental

We love visiting Hawai'i -- in fact, one of our team members is en route to Kona at the moment! Due to the remote nature of Hawai'i, we know a few important facts -- paradise is not cheap for residents, less cheap for visitors, and about to become even more expensive for visitors to the County of Maui, Hawai'i. Just how much more expensive? There's a proposed new transportation-related fee of $4.50 per day on all rental cars, without a decrease in any other existing rental car taxes! The goal is to pay for highway improvements but the plan requires no new contributions from those who own and operate cars in the County of Maui. Just as in many other regions, fleecing tourists is an increasingly popular section of the basic government playbook and the County of Maui appears happy to oblige via the State Legislature.

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The Fee Detective Finds Enterprise's Carbon Offsets Cost More than Expected


Enterprise Holdings (Alamo, Enterprise, and National) has a history of philanthropy that's connected with environmental efforts. The company recently received substantial positive attention for a $30 million, five-year project with The Nature Conservancy. The company even allows renters to get involved in environmental initiatives by offering CO2 Offsets on rentals through a company called TerraPass, and that's where the Fee Detective hops in to the fray. While our team spends a lot of time enjoying nature, we never purchase one of those offsets. And it's not that we're bad people -- it's that governments provide incentives to support the cause in different ways and simultaneously get in the way with disincentives. We find greater value contributing in other ways, as governments can punish renters who purchase these CO2 Offsets and provide benefits if those offsets are purchased elsewhere ... The result is that these CO2 Offsets -- like all other add-ons offered by the rental car companies -- aren't necessarily the best deal for renters.

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Chicago Agrees to $38.75M Settlement for Red Light Citations. Guess How Much Renters Will Receive.


In part of our search for information relevant to rental car users, we search information including legal records. And the City of Chicago and a Red Light Camera search came across in a recent search. Chicago itself has been "featured" in previous AutoSlash blog posts, such as the State Supreme Court (eventually) determining that the City of Chicago can't tax rentals that occur in cities other than Chicago (a lawsuit that somehow took six years to resolve). The recent settlement relates to the City of Chicago violating City of Chicago laws when it came to issuing tickets from red light cameras.

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