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Chicago Airport Tax on Local Rentals (Finally) Ruled Unconstitutional

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We all know the aphorism that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Consumers deal with the constant burden of taxes on every vehicle rental, even on award days. Some governments are more creative than others when it comes to generating new taxes. The master class in creative taxation takes the Fee Detective to Chicago, Illinois!

One who suggests the City of Chicago adores taxes would be a specialist in profound understatement. AutoSlash struggles to help renters at Chicagoland airports find great rates; one tax alone is $8 per day for all rental cars. Chicago's just about the only city where AutoSlash can currently make a paid reservation where the burden from "Fees and Taxes" ($14.74) is more than twice the cost of the car itself ($7, after a $5 per-day coupon) for a weekend rental.

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The Fee Detective and the Grace of Rental Car Companies

Fee Detective

Ever pick up a rental car at 9 a.m. and need to return by 9 a.m. the next day? In the rental car industry, this is referred to as a daily rental - the car is booked for a timeframe that's evenly divisible by the 24-hour day. Leaving the hotel a few minutes late, a driver may be concerned about refueling the car and getting the car checked in on time.

Well, the renter who ends up returning the vehicle a few minutes late may partially be in luck. Rental car companies understand that there's sometimes a delay in getting vehicles returned - especially when the site first opens for the day - and thus offer grace periods for the time and mileage charges on daily rentals.

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When do I Pay to Replace a Rental Car?


When we rent cars, we assume some risk. If we cause an accident, we should expect to compensate the rental car company for the vehicle, per the contract that we initial here, here, here, here, and here while signing here. An accident while driving a rental car is a clear instance where we might directly pay to replace the vehicle.

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Why is there a Rental Car Fee Detective?

Fee Detective

The Fee Detective is back but that raises one question: If AutoSlash offers guaranteed rates, why is there a need for a Fee Detective? Well, there are three different types of fees one encounters on rental cars, two of which are included in the guaranteed rates we provide.

Types of Taxes and Fees

AutoSlash guaranteed rates always include the vehicle and the required taxes and fees. The fees may be:

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Getting Gouged in the Boroughs: The Fee Detective Investigates

Fee Detective Residents of New York City's outer boroughs have often felt like second class citizens for a variety of reasons. As if they needed yet another validation of their diminished status, folks in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx are faced with hefty surcharges when renting cars in certain locations.

I'd heard rumors of this for quite some time, but it hit home recently when a good friend of mine who lives in Queens rented a car through AutoSlash. As is usually the case, we were able to get him a great rate, so I was surprised when I received a call from him while picking up the car from Dollar at LaGuardia airport.

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