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Avis Offers 100 Avis Preferred Points for Using their App to Select a Vehicle

Avis App

Avis has been pushing their high-quality app over the past year. Last summer saw the "App and Match" contest based up the childhood game Memory and renters in the fall could earn a free weekend rental day simply by interacting with the Avis app during a rental. Now, Avis is offering 100 points for any renter who uses the Avis app to select their vehicle at the pickup location between now and July 3, 2018. While 100 Avis Preferred points as a bonus might not seem like much, Avis revised their Preferred program such that free rental days begin at 700 points and extras such as child safety seats begin at 250 points and the only real requirements to complete the offer are entering an Avis Preferred number at the time of booking and using the app to select a vehicle of choice at major airport locations.

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How to Ensure Loyalty Program Credit when Booking Through Priceline

Priceline Logo

Readers of the AutoSlash blog know that we're great fans of using the loyalty programs of various rental car companies. Top-tier programs aimed toward business travelers such as Avis Preferred, Gold Plus Rewards (Hertz), and Emerald Club (National) allow renters to skip rental car counters, select their own vehicles (often upgrades), and earn credits toward free rental days. Mid-range loyalty programs tend to offer a subset of those benefits, such as earning credits toward free rental days with a quicker counter experience. Bottom-tier loyalty programs (looking your way, Payless) don't really add much -- if any -- value at all. We take advantage of every benefit available and know that even when booking with Priceline, members of most frequent renter programs are still eligible for benefits directly from the rental car companies!

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Enterprise, Sir Rosevelt, and Cirque du Soleil Give Away Every Ticket to a Summer Event

Enterprise/Sir Rosevelt Tickets

In what's described as a first-ever implementation of an idea, Enterprise is partnering with Sir Rosevelt and Cirque du Soleil to create an entertainment event. The concept of Share the Code: Hit the Road is that every ticket is given out by other members of the audience through personal networks; an audience-constructed audience. We all know Enterprise (the world's largest rental car company) and Cirque du Soleil (Canadian display of circus arts) but Sir Rosevelt? Sir Rosevelt happens to be Zac Brown's side project (the Zac Brown Band still exists and tours) where he and a few friends combine southern influences with Electronic Dance Music. Yes, Zac Brown has an EDM band and Enterprise is trying to create a unique experience. We would say they succeeded!

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EZ Rent-A-Car "Enhances" Their Program to Cater to Their Perception of Millenials

E-Z Money

EZ's loyalty program -- EZ Money -- is not exactly great. In our previous review, we noted the program truly has no easy components at all. Points expired after 18 months (no exceptions), rates have to be booked directly through EZ (to avoid competition), only 13 of the 56 locations participated, and one would have to spend $400 in base rate within the 18 months simply to redeem a $20 credit. Then EZ-Money introduced what they described as "mind-blowing benefits". We wouldn't go so far as to say mind-blowing in the sense intended by EZ's PR team; we would go with "perplexing".

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Enter to Win a 2018 Silver Audi A5 Cabriolet in Silvercar's Summer Sweepstakes

2018 Audi A5 Cabriolet

Last summer, we wrote about Audi-owned Silvercar's "Stage the Perfect Getaway this Summer" contest, where one winner was going to win a vacation worth $10,000 to take in the fall or winter -- the marketing team clearly failed a bit at naming that contest. This year, the company -- which only rents Audi A4s and Audi Q5s -- has decided to take a bold step forward in their alliteratively named promotion "Silver Summer Sweepstakes". The grand prize in this summer's competition is an Audi A5 Cabriolet (silver, of course), which has been fully-redesigned for 2018. There are also 50 first prizes (airport lounge passes from loungebuddy) and a consolation prize for everyone (an Upside referral code) as part of the promotion. Silvercar had us at Audi A5 Cabriolet.

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