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Where to Rent a Car with a Stick Shift

car rental with stick shift


If you've ever tried to rent a car with a stick shift, you know that it's effectively impossible to find a rental car with a manual transmission in the United States. We have located a single exception—one place in the Midwest where you can rent manual sports cars from an unlikely candidate—none other than Budget Car Rental.

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Introducing Slash Deals: Prepaid Car Rentals That Can Save Big Money

AutoSlash Slash Deals: Cheap Prepaid Car Rentals

Prepaid car rental rates often have a well-deserved reputation for being inflexible. In most cases, including with Priceline's Express Deals, the renter is required to pay in advance with no option to cancel or change the reservation. The renter is locked into the dates, times, location, and price without the potential for a refund—even in an emergency.

At AutoSlash, we wanted to rethink prepaid rates to help renters take advantage of the money-saving benefits along with some flexibility. That's why when we launched our new Slash Deals prepaid rates, we made sure that they can be canceled up to 48 hours before pick up with no penalty.

Don't worry: the popular, discounted pay-at-counter rates we've found for you since AutoSlash launched aren't going anywhere. These Slash Deals are an additional option available to renters side-by-side with the same Free Cancellation rates we've always provided;, so it's truly always the renter's choice.

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Have a Plenti Point Balance? The Program End Date of July 10, 2018, is Rapidly Approaching


At one point in time, the Plenti program seemed so promising. Designed by American Express to be a single loyalty program among a large number of disparate businesses, there were many partners and even a credit card that earned Plenti points. Then all of the partners went away, until there were only four (ExxonMobil, Rite Aid, Chili's, and a grocery chain) plus the credit card. When Chili's and Rite Aid pulled out, AmEx threw in the towel. The Plenti program will completely cease and any residual points will expire on July 10, 2018. And while the AutoSlash team has already burned our points for fuel at various Exxon and Mobil stations, a small subset of users will find that their points won't expire but will be rolled over to a new program.

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Silvercar Adds a Third Model to Their Fleet, the Audi A5 Cabriolet

Audi A5 Cabriolet

Our team likes renting from Silvercar for a number of reasons. Now owned by Audi, the company has only rented Audis from the inception of the firm. The first vehicle in the fleet was the Audi A4, which we enjoyed in Las Vegas and tested out all of the included features such as on-board navigation and WiFi. Earlier this year, the company added a second reservable model to the fleet, the Audi Q5 SUV. Silvercar then partnered with Peg Perego to provide child safety seats for free in their Audis (subject to availability). Last month, the company introduced a summer contest where the grand prize was an Audi A5 Cabriolet and our blog noted that it didn't make much sense for Silvercar to give away a car the company did not rent unless the A5 Cabriolet was the third addition to the fleet. Silvercar just confirmed our intuition.

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EZ Rent-A-Car "Enhances" Their Program to Cater to Their Perception of Millenials

E-Z Money

EZ's loyalty program -- EZ Money -- is not exactly great. In our previous review, we noted the program truly has no easy components at all. Points expired after 18 months (no exceptions), rates have to be booked directly through EZ (to avoid competition), only 13 of the 56 locations participated, and one would have to spend $400 in base rate within the 18 months simply to redeem a $20 credit. Then EZ-Money introduced what they described as "mind-blowing benefits". We wouldn't go so far as to say mind-blowing in the sense intended by EZ's PR team; we would go with "perplexing".

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