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Remember When ... Avis went Crazy with 8's on Weekends?

Crazy 8's

Remember when ... Avis went a bit crazy with 8s on weekends? The year was 1981 and the company was offering specials on their Chevrolet Chevettes, one of the cars that almost killed the American automotive industry. Rather than offering one straightforward promotion -- we really do miss Budget's $19.99 per day, any day Ford Rangers and Avis has a history of offering competing promotions -- there were three different offers at hand. And as they were all for the Chevrolet Chevette in an era where the minimum wage was $3.35 per hour, they were all bad "sales" by modern-day AutoSlash standards.

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Remember When ... GPS Navigation Devices Were Pushed by Rental Companies?

Avis Where2 GPS Navigation

Remember when ... Avis was heavily promoting their Where2 service with commercials featuring Joshua Gomez and Garmin navigational devices? The year was 2007 and Gomez was at the beginning of his run as Morgan Grimes on the television comedy Chuck. The commercial's premise was Gomez's commercial character developing a strong affinity for the female-voiced Where2 navigation device in his rental car that found a golf course, food, and helped him avoid traffic. It was a commercial, so the concept of "love" had to be conveyed in very few seconds along to strains of Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit Total Eclipse of the Heart.

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Remember When ... Alamo Tried to Pull Off an April Fools' Day Joke?

Alamo April Fools

Remember when Alamo announced the ability to rent a monster truck at their locations? Unlike Sixt or even Dollar, Alamo doesn't pull off humor well. In fact, it seemed that some of the video participants weren't even trying. Perhaps Avis should have filmed this video instead; that company (sometimes) Tried Harder.

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Remember When ... The Muppets Advertised for Alamo?

Alamo Muppets

Remember when ... The Muppets advertised for Alamo? The tie-in isn't surprising at all. Alamo has long been the official rental car provider of Walt Disney World and Disneyland and Disney bought The Muppets in 2004. As a result, Alamo (and new parent company Enterprise) have frequently been involved in movie releases from Disney, such as 2017's Cars 3. And in 2011, Alamo and Disney decided to cross-promote the rental car company and the upcoming release of the movie The Muppets.

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Remember When ... Dollar Created a Car Piggy Bank?

Cutoff Saw

Remember when ... Dollar used a retired (at least, we hope retired) Eagle Vision to create a piggy bank in an ad? The commercial effectively turns the Eagle Vision into an Eagle bank (but not an FDIC-insured EagleBank or Eagle Bank), as our protagonist breaks out a cut-off machine with no visible safety equipment other than welder's safety glasses (which sounds like an awful lot of fun). Yet the fact that an Eagle Vision is being cut up in a Dollar advertisement itself reflects a lot about the transportation industry in the mid-1990s!

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