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Remember When ... Enterprise Promised to Plant Trees?

Panting Trees

Remember when ... Enterprise made a major commitment to the environment by planting trees?  The year was 2006 and Enterprise made a commitment to the environment of planting 50 million trees over a period of 50 years. The program -- led by the Enterprise Holdings Foundation in coordination with the Arbor Day Foundation -- is aptly named the Enterprise "50 Million Tree Pledge". Announced in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the company, the pledge allows for the planting of trees in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

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Remember When ... Hertz was High-Tech, Dogs were Low-Tech

Cool Dog

Remember when ... Hertz's advertisements were intended to demonstrate that their cars and services were high-technology while lesser car rental firms couldn't hope to compete with an equal level of technology? The ad agency for Hertz forgot one thing -- many of us would have preferred the low-technology offering. After all, we remember many things (none particularly flattering) about that era of Hertz and their technology.

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Remember When ... Rich Little was Multiple Spokespeople for Thrifty?

Rich Little for Thrifty

Remember when ... celebrity impressionist Rich Little was a spokesman (or more accurately, impersonating many spokesmen) on behalf of Thrifty? We remember him from Thrifty ads, plus ads for ACE Hardware, Coleco, Diet 7-Up, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Little Debbie, Ore-Ida ... Rich Little was clearly in demand for commercials in the 1980s! In fact, he still tours and performs to this day, with many of his well-known impressions being public figures of a bygone era.

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Remember When ... Europcar Made a Mockumentary of their Arsenal F.C. Sponsorship


Remember when ... Europcar made a mockumentary with their sponsored Premier League team Arsenal F.C.? Neither did we, as none of the AutoSlash team lives in the United Kingdom! However, we have been known to watch some Premier League matches and Europcar is a major global rental car company -- we don't want to get accused of "ignoring" Europcar in our blog despite our review of their loyalty program Europcar Privilege. So without further ado, here is Europcar's mockumentary video related to their Arsenal F.C. partnership.

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Remember When ... Avis went Crazy with 8's on Weekends?

Crazy 8's

Remember when ... Avis went a bit crazy with 8s on weekends? The year was 1981 and the company was offering specials on their Chevrolet Chevettes, one of the cars that almost killed the American automotive industry. Rather than offering one straightforward promotion -- we really do miss Budget's $19.99 per day, any day Ford Rangers and Avis has a history of offering competing promotions -- there were three different offers at hand. And as they were all for the Chevrolet Chevette in an era where the minimum wage was $3.35 per hour, they were all bad "sales" by modern-day AutoSlash standards.

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