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Planning a road trip and looking for some actually useful accessories? We looked through hundreds of products and plucked out 7 "WOW" products that you're seriously going to need before you hit the road. They're going to help you stay cool, connected, clean, and rolling.

1. Abco Tech Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount Is The Most Portable - Just Clip + Go!

Remember those clunky GPS contraptions that were always skidding off your dashboard? Rental car companies are still handing them out! Skip on the expensive Garmin or TomTom and buy a phone mount for your trip so you can use Waze or Google Maps on your smartphone. The Abco Tech Air Vent Mount is perfect for a rental or a multi-car family. It's super safe to use to because you can put it right in your field of view on the vents in front of you so you can change music, take hands-free calls, or use navigation apps.

This Abco Tech mount has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. Because it's magnetic it'll hold any phone. Reviewers say "It literally takes a few seconds to mount the phone… It's a one size fits all phone mount" and "The mount attaches to the vents in both of our cars without any difficulty and stays in place." Plus it's super cheap! If you don't already have a phone mount, this is the one you need.

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2. ZATAYE Car Sun Shade Will Keep Your Kiddos and Passengers Cool

Sun glare, overheating, and sunburn are common problems on road trips. Constant reapplication of sunscreen is an option, but an annoying one, and hiding under a blanket or holding something up to block the sun is frustrating.

The ZATAYE sun shades are an excellent fit for normal car windows and will minimize issues that come from sun exposure in the car. They protect against UV rays, don't obstruct your view, and are easy to install. Reviewers say "The plastic side is very easy to stick to the window, it is also very convenient to take down with no impact on the car at all" and "This is a very good car sunscreen." The product is also foldable and compact, making for easy storage.

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3. Fix-a-Flat Can Patch Your Tire And Help You Roll To The Nearest Mechanic

Flat tires suck, plain and simple. If your tire pressure is off kilter it can be super dangerous, and unpredictable minor tire damages can cripple a road trip day full of adventures. While Fix-a-Flat is not a permanent solution, it's an excellent stop-gap solution that can get you to the nearest mechanic. It's made for small punctures and slow leaks, like the ones caused by driving over a nail or sharp rock. Reviewers say "worked well for a slow leak flat ...twice" and "Used on 4 tires of a John Deere tractor from 2001. Fixed slow leaks."

This is an excellent emergency product to keep your road trip alive even when luck isn't going your way.

4. Weego Portable Car Jump Starter Can Save Your Butt If Your Car Won't Start

Every driver's worst fear on the road is a dead engine, and a dead engine without the necessary gear to get you going again is crippling to a road trip. Everyone has, or should have, jumper cables in their car if you're on the road (if you don't, you can find some here!), but on long road trips you're sometimes isolated from other cars and have no power source available to jump your dead engine.

The Weego is your answer. It's a portable battery pack with the jumper cables attached so that when you are alone on the road with family screaming about being stuck in the middle of nowhere, you can jump your car no problem. There are a variety of options to choose from in the link we provide, and though they vary in price you don't need the super expensive option for an awesome product. One review said this of the Jump Starter 22S, "Over the course of 6 days I used the Weego 22 a total of 5 times and my engine started without issue every time." This is definitely a must-have for any road trip.

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5. Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit Makes Any Car Bluetooth Friendly

Sometimes, you get lucky with a car that has all the necessary tools and gadgets for our smartphone world. Everyone wants to make hands-free calls and play their favorite music from their phone but lots of cars don't have the tech necessary.

That's where the Nulaxy Bluetooth car kit comes in. All you have to do is plug it into a phone charging port and you're good to go. It's compatible with almost every mainstream smartphone and even comes with a USB port to replace the phone charging port it's occupying. Customers say it "gets the job done" and "for those of you who drive older cars and even newer cars that don't come with those added Bluetooth wireless media features, this product will come in very handy for you."

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6. Portable Coffee Maker To Keep You Buzzed While You Drive

This is a personal favorite of mine and I'm frustrated I didn't discover these products until recently. I'm a certified coffee addict and without my cup of joe it's hard for me to do anything in the morning, let alone get up bright and early and resume a road trip. Portable coffee makers make it easy to jump from bed and into the driver's seat without worrying about the security of your morning fix. I'm not trying to sound like an infomercial - you just add hot water, coffee grounds, press a button and you're off.

Mounchain created an awesome product for a great price. It's battery powered, so there's no need to plug it in, and you can add either ground coffee or a k-cup to make the coffee of your choosing. Buyers say it's "Easy to use, easy to clean, great coffee!" I couldn't agree more.

7. Garbage Bag To Keep Those McDonalds Wrappers Off The Floor + Cooler!

When I found this product it was a game changer. I don't know about you, but I absolutely despise trash on the floor of my car. During a road trip, especially when you don't stop for awhile, wrappers and plastic scraps always end up finding their way between the seats or under the floor mats because there isn't an easy place to get rid them. This product fixes that. Reviewers say it's super easy to install on a car door, headrest, or wherever else you can get it to work. "Great quality trash container for road trips." And by the way, don't buy the trash bag refill. All you need to replace the bags are the plastic bags you get at the supermarket.

Also, take out the trash bags and it's a cooler. Can't beat that. Although, using your trash can as a cooler is a little weird.

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