road trip essentials

Planning a road trip? Pack these handy, portable products for safer, more convenient travels.

  road trip essentials

Abco Tech Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount

Remember those clunky GPS contraptions that were always skidding off your dashboard? Rental car companies are still handing them out. Skip on the expensive Garmin or TomTom and buy a phone mount for your rental car so you can use Waze or Google Maps on your smartphone. The Abco Tech Air Vent Mount is perfect for a rental car because you just clip and go. It's magnetic so it works with any phone. You can put it right in your field of view on the vents in front of you so you can change music, take hands-free calls, or use navigation apps.

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  road trip essentials

ZATAYE Car Window Shades

Traveling with kids or pets? Sun glare and overheating are common problems on summer road trips. These ZATAYE Car Window Shades are portable cling-on wonders. They are an excellent fit for normal car windows and will minimize issues that come from sun exposure in the car. They protect against UV rays, don't obstruct your view, and are easy to install. They are foldable and compact, making for the perfect take-along.

  road trip essentials


Flat or leaking tires suck, plain and simple. Fix-A-Flat Aerosol Tire Inflators seal punctures and inflate the tire in seconds without the need for a jack, spare tire, or any tools, allowing you to get off the road and to a service station where an approved repair can be made. While Fix-a-Flat is not a permanent solution, it's an excellent stop-gap solution that can get you to the nearest mechanic. It's made for small punctures and slow leaks, like the ones caused by driving over a nail or sharp rock.

  road trip essentials

Weego 22s Jump Starter

Every driver's worst fear is a dead engine when you're miles from help. The Weego 22s Jump Starter is a portable battery pack with the jumper cables attached so that you can jump your car even if there's no other vehicle in sight.

  road trip essentials

Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Car Kit

Everyone wants to make hands-free calls and play their favorite music from their phone but lots of rental cars don't have the necessary tech. Plug in the Nulaxy Bluetooth Transmitter into your car's phone charging port and you're good to go. It's compatible with almost every mainstream smartphone and even comes with a USB port.

  road trip essentials

Mounchain Mini Compact Portable Travel Coffee Machine

java lovers, rejoice! Mounchain has created a genius battery-operated Mini Compact Portable Travel Coffee Machine for a great price. There's no need to plug it in, and you can add either ground coffee or a K-cup to make the coffee of your choosing.

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  road trip essentials

The Drive Bin

Do you despise trash on the floor of the car? The Drive Bin comes to the rescue, giving you a portable garbage pail on a moment's notice so you can keep your car clean and tidy during your trip.


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