Family Vacation

Enterprise Holdings conducts a lot of research among their various market segments. As the world's largest rental car company, it's exceptionally wise to do so! Releasing (partial) results from their surveys is less wise -- we're confident the company keeps the most sensitive information internally but never lets an opportunity to make a press release pass by! Enterprise focused on adulting and insurance replacement rentals in research last year, while National focused on business travelers in their State of Business Travel survey. Alamo -- long the official rental car company of Disney -- recently released findings in their 2018 Family Vacation Survey. After all, folks like the AutoSlash team need somewhere to use points and miles!

Our family vacations tend to be less eventful than this one.

Alamo's sample of 1,501 adults were largely parents and/or married/committed couples -- none of the respondents in the survey would meet the category of "underage child on a trip with parents", so the focus was on adult couples or parents on these vacations:

At the time of the survey, participants had to have been at least 18 years of age or older; be married/in a domestic partnership or have a child under the age of 22; and taken one or more trips with their immediate family and/or their extended family in the past five years.

What did Alamo find? Respondents felt less "vacation shaming" and took ribbing from coworkers less seriously than last year. However, while fewer individuals were active "vacation shamers", those who did so were still fairly intentional about doing so! Every organization has those employees who should find another organization!

Employees still feel guilty about the amount of work they will see when they return home but over 1/3rd of workers still like to completely unplug while away; I'm a little envious, as there are only two days in the last two-plus decades I've gone without checking email. A full 1/6th of respondents reported being unable to disconnect from social media while on vacation; 36 percent of millennials and 23 percent of all respondents have seen social media ruin a family vacation yet 1/3rd of millennials and 1/4th of parents suggest the "need" to post photos to show the family is having a good time. One-sixth of travelers noted that the visual appeal of photos for social media influenced their choices of where to go or what to do on vacation!

Growing up, my family spent time at the same campground multiple times a year, a pattern I immediately broke as an adult. Now, almost 9 of 10 families traveling report splitting time between new and familiar attractions or always choosing a new vacation destination. And initiatives such as National Plan for Vacation Day appear to be helping, as families are planning further in advance for vacations but still frequently allow vacation days to expire.

The joke that many people "need a vacation after vacation"? Ninety-three percent of moms and 88 percent of dads reported needing that form of "recovery" time, despite only 26 percent of travelers reporting that family travel is more exhausting than a simple period of relaxation!


Curious about Alamo's study? Click here to see their Fact Sheet summary of their research -- the full report is not available to the public -- and then start planning your own family vacation! Fill in one simple form and our servers will send you the best prices currently offered -- by Alamo and competitors -- within minutes!

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