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The major rental car companies have acknowledged that their best customers -- and most frequent customers -- are on the move and have smartphones. These companies have responded by issuing apps that have various levels of capability. Make a reservation through AutoSlash? You're still able to enter your rental company loyalty number and take advantage of these apps!

Our first app review is for Hertz on a Google Android device. Like all of the apps, the full functionality is available to those members who participate in their loyalty program (Hertz Gold Plus); otherwise, there are no reservations to review!

Quick Note: While we frequently encourage renters to use the rental car company's frequent renter programs on their reservations (a precursor to viewing reservations on apps), please do not modify reservations via a rental company's app. Modifications should only be made through the original booking method -- otherwise, AutoSlash would be looking for lower prices on outdated information and you may even lose the discounted rate we found on your behalf! 

The App's Home Screen

Upon logging in, a customer is presented with their name, point balance, status level (Base, Five Star, President's Circle, or Platinum), year-to-date rentals, and links to make new reservations as well as options to view current/upcoming reservations. In addition, there's a button to find a rental location near the user's current location -- the radius for these searches can be set at 5, 10, 15, or 20 miles under the "Settings" Menu option.

Hertz's User Interface designer didn't do "Too Much" on the Home Screen

The AutoSlash Use Cases for the Hertz App

This app is the one most frequently used by members of the AutoSlash team. In fact, some members of the AutoSlash team use the app more frequently than the website. The two reasons we use the app frequently are available directly from this Home Screen.

The Hertz app readily provides information that has been unavailable through the Hertz website for an extended period of time, specifically the number of rentals year-to-date (which translates directly to Five Star and President's Circle calculations). On the Hertz website, a user would have to request receipts based upon driver's license number for the current year, then manually count the number of listed receipts to derive the same information.

Our other frequent use case? Booking award days! If we're actually paying for a rental, we (of course) use our own service!

Menu Selections

The menu selections expandable from the top right of the screen are limited (and redundant at times):

  • NeverLost -- This selection links to another app issued by Hertz, NeverLost Companion, which allows for planning trips and syncing the phone and guides to the NeverLost device in the rental car. The feature might be useful for some customers for information about activities and allows a user to push data from their phone to the NeverLost device that may be in their Hertz rental. However. we recommend against connecting personal devices or cell phones to any onboard technology in a rental car due to privacy concerns. The standalone NeverLost Companion app does aggregate a considerable amount of data for users: 

"The Companion user can view thousands of destinations organized into city guides. Each city guide is downloadable for free, with destinations organized in categories such as explore, must-sees, events, tours, neighborhoods, trendy restaurants, parks, etc." 

  • Reserve a Car -- Just like on the home screen, this option allows reservations using Hertz Gold Plus rewards points or cash, but we hope you're using our service for your paid rentals! 
  • Emergency - This option simply lists the Emergency Roadside Assistance phone number (1-800-654-5060).
  • Contact -- By "contact", Hertz means phone numbers; this option lists the Emergency Roadside Assistance phone number and a few others. 
  • Feedback -- Want to let Hertz know your opinions about the app? The feedback link allows you to rate the helpfulness of the app. 

Our Take

The Hertz app is just a basic app for a rental car company. The glaring omission would be the inability to extend a current rental from within the app. How does it compare with the apps of the other major rental car companies oriented toward business travelers (namely Avis and National)? Stay tuned.

Ready to make your next rental with Hertz? Click below to request a quote now, then enter your Hertz Gold Plus number at the time of reservation. You will then be able to explore the app for yourself! 

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