Hertz Rent-A-Racer

Our Remember When feature talked about Hertz's original 1966 Rent-A-Racer program and Hertz's commemorative vehicles from the 50th Anniversary produced in 2016. Hertz commissioned 140 Ford Shelby GT-H vehicles for the 50th anniversary but as with all rental vehicles, those cars do need to leave the rental fleet at some point in time. That time is now, and a quick-acting automobile collector can pick up one through Hertz Car Sales. Yes, the same Hertz affiliate that helps dispose of Nissan Versas and Ford Escapes after their rental lives also sells commemorative cars and even the Tesla Model S

Rent-A-Racer 3.0, on sale now!

Curious as to the upgrades a Shelby GT-H possesses? Hertz has a fact sheet available for those interested. And the vehicles are pricey -- even used, these customized vehicles have an asking price well above a brand-new GT purchased directly from Ford. Of course, the new vehicle from Ford lacks the Shelby upgrades and the collectibility factor of being a GT-H. None of the AutoSlash team is in line to buy one of these -- we have better uses for $50,000 than a vehicle that would sit in the garage. Yet we expect stories will be written about the owners of these vehicles 48 years from now at the 100th anniversary of the Rent-A-Racer program (if Hertz is still around, of course)! Sadly, our team projects these vehicles will be banned from roadways well before then ... even some of the AutoSlash team will be banned from the roadways by then!

The Nashville lot had both a GT-H and a Tesla Model S for sale.

Interested in a piece of automotive history? Our team can't attest to the value or collectibility of the vehicle but once the 50th-anniversary editions are removed from the rental fleet and sold out from Hertz Car Sales to collectors and museums, we doubt those vehicles will ever again hit the resale market. And the provenance is very clear, as the Shelby GT-H vehicles produced for Hertz are being sold by Hertz!

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