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There's an old joke that if you ask a dozen economists the same question, you'll get 13 different answers (one for each economist and one for John Maynard Keynes). I asked my five AutoSlash colleagues to name one app or app-function (not map related) that they use when on the road to make travel easier. Somehow, I got more than 50 total responses when asking for 5. So I added a second to my own list. Below are the AutoSlash team's "approximately" six apps and functions that we use on the road to make life easier. For any travel need, there's truly an app for that.

There's a trademark for "There's an app for that."

This blog post started with me wishing Atlas Obscura had their own app. So I found the Field Trip app instead, which includes Atlas Obscura and can be set to notify me if my wanderings take me near something cool and unexpected. For instance, I found that my hometown has the only old Holiday Inn "Great Sign" that wasn't built for a Holiday Inn. And unlike all the Holiday Inn signs, this one is still greeting travelers in 2017! And when I drive in the eastern half of the United States, I do consult the Speedway app due to their Gas Price Guarantee.

Andrew gets abroad more often than many of our team members but he's also very cognizant of the amount of data used while abroad. He's likely to have a translation app when unfamiliar with the language, keeps music in a non-streaming app, and he keeps a unit conversion app handy. After all, we're able to ballpark from imperial to metric measurements but there are many situations where precise figures are needed!

Operations Chief Chris is our resident foodie. He admits that ChowHound, OpenTable, and Yelp are some of his most frequently used apps on the road (if you're going to find good food, it's worth setting up a reservation and earning points)! He also relayed the Automatic app, which could make our lives much easier. There's a one-time fee but Automatic allows various forms of tracking in a vehicle, including quick separation of business-related mileage versus personal mileage driven. 

Eric commonly car camps, so he uses a rest stop app. Mapping functions don't work so well finding rest stops along an extended route, and rest stops are built and maintained by individual states. Before smartphones, we knew where rest stops were due to atlases but recent rest stop closures (to save funds) has made planning considerably more difficult. The goal of the driver is to drive far but not too far.

Aside from maps, Ludo's worried about the weather. And with good reason -- we've all been stuck in severe weather at some point recently and/or accused of hail-related damage. And there's a lot of wisdom in having a weather app handily available on longer drives; with satellite radio and other music services, a driver misses out on severe weather advisories such as thunderstorms and hail. There are tons of great weather apps; we recommend picking one to avoid the hassle and hazard of driving through unexpected weather.

AutoSlash founder Jonathan is worried primarily about getting to the rental car. He's heavy into FlightAware (to track his flight's status and the inbound flight's status), Priority Pass (airline lounge access as a benefit of a credit card), and TripAdvisor to find activities once at his destination. While his goal is to spend as little time as possible in airports, his time there is at least made more comfortable by lounge access!


Ready to embark on your next trip? There are many apps that help save time and effort; our team even learned about new apps and features from this blog post. And the major rental car companies (except Alamo and Payless) have apps to download before your trip. But first things first -- if you want the lowest possible rates on your reservation, click below and we'll send you the best available rates within minutes. 

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