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Avis has been pushing their high-quality app over the past year. Last summer saw the "App and Match" contest based up the childhood game Memory and renters in the fall could earn a free weekend rental day simply by interacting with the Avis app during a rental. Now, Avis is offering 100 points for any renter who uses the Avis app to select their vehicle at the pickup location between now and July 3, 2018. While 100 Avis Preferred points as a bonus might not seem like much, Avis revised their Preferred program such that free rental days begin at 700 points and extras such as child safety seats begin at 250 points and the only real requirements to complete the offer are entering an Avis Preferred number at the time of booking and using the app to select a vehicle of choice at major airport locations.

Renters can find a link to the promotion on social media or via an email from Avis.

The promotion is fairly straightforward, although Avis makes complying with the offer more challenging than necessary. Users who find the offer on social media would quickly realize that the company doesn't provide any rules for the offer -- Avis' marketing team is apparently on summer vacation. Fortunately, the rental car company did provide rules in the emails sent to Avis Preferred users and we really do open every message sent to us by the rental car companies! That's the only way to find out about many offers and -- in this case -- the only way to find the promotional terms and conditions!

Qualifying Rentals
A qualifying rental for service level memberships and benefits is defined as a completed, paid rental at a participating Avis worldwide location that is checked out and checked in within the same calendar year ("Rental"). You must use the Avis app to choose your car in order to be eligible for this promotion. Choosing your car in the app includes either confirming, exchanging or upgrading your vehicle. Offer valid for one rental only. Credit will not be earned on rentals that are unpaid or "free" of time-and-mileage charges, rentals checked out at non-participating Avis locations, nor on opaque rentals (i.e. Hotwire, Priceline etc.) where rental selection is based on price, not supplier, nor on rentals with the following discount rates, rate codes, rate categories or profile types: Replacement rentals, some government rates, Corporate accounts that do not allow employees to participate in loyalty and rewards programs; Avis central billing profiles that can be used by more than one person (i.e. authorized rep card, global electronic billing account); ACTO (Avis Company Travel Orders) voucher or for instances in which a third-party award was redeemed for the rental; and employee and friends-and-family rates for Avis or any affiliated company or licensee, travel industry, tour, and wholesale. Other exclusions may apply.

Avis Preferred Points
Avis Preferred Points will not be earned on rentals that earn mileage, credits or points for a frequent traveler program (such as, but not limited to, an airline frequent flyer or hotel points program). You can only earn one reward currency on any given rental - either Avis Preferred Points or another frequent traveler program.

Notice that the promotion is invalid on award days, can only be earned once and is not activated on Priceline opaque bookings where a renter selects a price (not a company). The discounted Priceline quotes AutoSlash sends are not opaque -- the rates are for a specific company and a renter simply finds the exact rental car company, car size, and price that matches the quotes. Per Avis's terms, those revenue rates booked at Priceline should trigger the offer as long as the renter enters their Avis Preferred number at the time of booking on Priceline and confirms, exchanges, or upgrades their vehicle using the app on the day of pickup!  

Our Take

Renting from Avis anyway over the next four weeks? Take advantage of this offer. Even the cheapest rental where a renter enters an Avis Preferred number earns a minimum 100 points and the bonus 100 points for using the app is gravy. Avis is doing something unnecessary here during the summer peak demand period -- it is rare for a rental car company to have a promotion at all during the summer! This modest Avis promotion for 100 bonus points (one-time) for selecting a car joins two other active promotions at the moment, the continuing Budget Bucks offer (which is $5 off per day in the best case use) and Silvercar's contest to win an Audi A5 Cabriolet. And given Avis's aggressive points expiration policies, some of us need to rent from Avis soon to extend out point balances anyway!

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