Recently, Avis has been pushing their app extensively. A promotion from earlier this year offered a chance of prizes simply by learning about the app. We tested out and reviewed the app when experimenting with upgrades at the time of pickup (my Chevy Cruze became a BMW 330i). And now, Avis has quietly pushed an "Even More Brilliant" promotion out via social media offering a free rental day for interacting with the app during a rental. Obviously, we have a declared love of free rental days but there's are multiple catches in Avis' offer, including one that made our team ineligible.

A Free Weekend Day just for interacting with the app on a rental?

What are the Catches?

Avis limits the offer to "new customers only who have never interacted with the Avis App before". That eliminates us and many other renters, as Avis' app was the first rental car app. The second catch is that there's a quick turnaround on this offer -- the free weekend day must be earned by renting and using the app before November 30, 2017, and the free weekend day rental must be completed by December 17, 2017.

Terms and Conditions (from Avis)

In order to be considered eligible, customers must be enrolled in the Avis Preferred Program, have a valid wizard number and e-mail address on file and must interact with the Avis App while vehicle is out on rent during a valid rental period which for this promotion is through November 30, 2017. Customer must be opted in to receive Avis emails.  Offer is valid for new customers only who have never interacted with the Avis App before.  Customers can earn one weekend rental day reward only one time during the promotional period.  Rental rewards can only be redeemed through December 17, 2017.  Interaction with Avis App includes using the Avis app to view rental agreement, confirm rental car, change rental car (exchange/upgrade), add Sirius SX Radio, Lock/Unlock/Flash lights, extend rental, expedited return, find gas stations, find my car location on map, track Avis courtesy bus or find parking options.  Upon completion of rental, a coupon with reward earned will be emailed to renter.  The coupon is redeemable on a subcompact (Group A) through Full Size (group E) car for rentals completed by December 17, 2017.  Blackout dates may apply.  Coupon is redeemable at participating locations in the US only.  Fuel charges are extra.  Taxes, surcharges, energy recovery fees, concession recovery fees, vehicle license recovery fees and customer facility charges ($10/contract in CA) may apply and are the responsibility of the customer.  Optional products such as LDW ($29.99/day or less) are extra.

Our Take

For renters who have never used the Avis App (Android or iPhone) and will have a need for these two near-term rentals (one paid, one free), this is potentially a great offer! Yet the terms and conditions suggest that the offer is completely useless for Avis' more frequent renters who already have used the app. While we suspect Avis might let us slide as customers who have never interacted with the Avis app, we're not going to try as we would be giving up guaranteed credit on Enterprise's Plus Your Points or National's One-Two-Free promotions. It was a good attempt by Avis but our team is currently singing Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams.

It's over until spring, Avis.


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