In a previous blog post, we spoke about Budget and Enterprise's Arizona Spring 2018 drive-out specials. These specials are a nuance of the rental car industry -- each fall, rental car companies focus on getting vehicles to Arizona and Florida (where there's high demand over the winter) and each spring, there's a focus on getting vehicles away from Arizona and Florida (to areas where vehicles will be needed for the summer). These migrations are as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, and setting low rental rates is cheaper than spending hundreds of dollar per car for professional transporters. While these fleet redistributions are completely predictable, AvisBudget completely missed the mark on pricing this spring to get vehicles out of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The result is an exceptional, revised opportunity for renters who are seeking to make the one-way trip from Arizona!

Going back to Cali? Avis and Budget might help.

In the previous articles, we noted how the prices listed in this year's promotion were higher than last year's offer but Enterprise was offering some great exceptions such as Phoenix to Nashville for less than $10 per day. Budget managed to stick to their basic $26 per day (at minimum) pricing for the one-way trips until now; the revised promotion starts at $10 per day with both Avis and Budget. And the revisions to the promotion by both Avis and Budget benefit consumers fleeing Phoenix in three different ways (not just pricing). 

First: The Better Pricing is Obvious

AutoSlash focuses on helping renters find the lowest prices available for their rentals; the Avis and Budget one-way promotions now mirror each other with identical pricing. Pickups still have to originate in the Phoenix area and the eligible return cities are unchanged, with Albuquerque remaining the easternmost eligible return city. There are only two differences -- Avis and Budget use different discount codes and promotion-eligible vehicles full-size and smaller are all priced at $10 per day for the one-way without any extra drop charges (before taxes and fees).  

Eligible vehicles under this promotion have no one-way fees.

Second: The Latest Possible Return Date has Been Extended

In military parlance, the end date has been "moved to the right". Vehicles can now be booked under this promotion with returns as late as June 30, 2018 (the one-way rentals themselves are still limited to 14 days). These promotions ordinarily require vehicles to be moved by the end of May (and sometimes before Memorial Day), so this end date revision shows AvisBudget is clearly having trouble relocating excess vehicles out of Phoenix. While a reservation can currently be booked under these discount codes, the rental car companies pull the promotion and revert to standard, abusive one-way pricing as soon as enough vehicles are projected to make the one-way trip. Need to drive from Phoenix to a state neighboring Arizona between now and the end of June? Book a "Free Cancellation" rate now and ask questions later. 

Third: The Addition of Avis Means Benefits for Loyalty Program Members

Originally, this promotion was only published under Budget Rent A Car. The addition of Avis is a boon for travelers in the know, as members of Avis Preferred benefit from this promotion in three ways members of Budget's FastBreak program do not:

  • Avis Preferred members get to consistently skip the counter at major airports while Budget FastBreak members do not.
  • FastBreak participants don't earn credit toward free rental days; the extension of this promotion to Avis allows an Avis Preferred member to earn credit toward free rental days.
  • Avis at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is a Select & Go location; an Avis Preferred member complying with the Select & Go requirement of booking an intermediate or larger car has the ability to take the assigned car or choosing another vehicle from the Select & Go aisle (provided Avis puts cars in the Select & Go area).  

Given the option of choosing between sister companies Avis and Budget at the same airport, we're obviously going to go with the company that allows loyalty program members to skip the counter, earn credit toward free rental days, and choose their own vehicle! Plus, it would help us extend our Avis Preferred credits (which expire after one year without activity). Add those benefits on top of the reduced pricing and anyone with the need to travel from Phoenix to a neighboring state will likely want to pick Avis!  


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