Snow Driving

The AutoSlash blog gets to mock AvisBudget Group frequently, primarily because they purchased Payless. That affiliate is frequently accused of disobeying the law and forbidding the use of any consumer-friendly practices. Recently, we noticed that AvisBudget Group has accepted the idea "any publicity is good publicity" and decided to express via Facebook and Twitter that the company does actually follow laws. Of course, most consumers would reply "that's our expectation of any business", so AvisBudget is far more subtle in their statements.

The Pitch is Simple

According to Avis and Budget, their company is especially convenient for renters in Montreal because vehicles are equipped with winter tires in the winter.

Avis provides winter tires in Montreal.

As does Budget.

The catch? Well, it's not really anything special. In fact, the Province of Quebec (and Montreal is part of Quebec) requires vehicles to have winter tires installed between December 15 and March 15 of every year or face sizable fines. Quebec is the only Canadian province with this universal restriction -- no other province or U.S. state has this form of rule. Our blog noted this nuance last year in our blog post about winter driving in a rental car. Our Fee Detective series also mocked Dollar and Thrifty in Quebec for charging fees related to air conditioning and winter tires on all rentals, year round

So Avis and Budget are merely reminding customers those companies have decided to comply with the applicable provincial law. Choosing a rental car anywhere in the Province of Quebec between mid-December and mid-March? All other rental car companies are also complying with that law! There's no need to stick with Avis and Budget for winter tires unless those companies' rates are great and a renter prefers those firms -- our team members are fans of the improved Avis Preferred loyalty program and the company's fantastic app.

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