NOTE: This post refers to the fall 2017 Florida "Drive-In" discounts offered by the AvisBudget Group. Future offers of this type will be noted in new posts.
NOTE: This post was updated when Budget posted their promotional terms on September 21, 2017 and Avis posted their promotional terms on September 22, 2017.

Florida Drive-In

Charles Caleb Colton brought the expression "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" to our lexicon. If so, Hertz Global Holdings should feel like a front-runner in getting vehicles from the Northeast U.S. to Florida this fall. The major rental car companies in the United States need to move vehicles on that route each fall (and the reverse migration in the spring), from a region where expensive (and depreciating) cars are not needed to an area where those same vehicles would be able to earn revenue. The rental car companies have two options for mass car migrations -- paying hundreds of dollars per car to have a professional transporter move the vehicles or making one-way rates so low that renters will do the transfers on their behalf. We recently showed this fall's offer from Hertz/Dollar/Thrifty of rates from $4.99 per day plus taxes and fees. Budget responded with a public offer of $4.98 per day on vehicles up to full-size, then inexplicably removed all references to the promotion.

Perhaps AvisBudget Group learned we were going to mock them in a blog post for setting rates a penny less than competitors for "massive savings" (we were). The one-way deal was scrubbed from their website before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and there were no discounted rates coming back for transfers from the northeast to Florida until the beginning of this week. Rather than setting rates a penny less than Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty, the promotional offer by Budget was set as a penny more at an even $5 per day for vehicles up to full-size (AvisBudget Group must be chasing revenue).

The Avis/Budget offer is much more limited than the offer from Hertz, in terms of eligible locations as well as timeline. The pickup locations are generically described as the "metropolitan areas" of Boston, Hartford, Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, and Norfolk. Pickups have to be done before the end of October, and there's a fixed rate schedule (based rate) of qualifying rentals. But for those who are able to take advantage of the $5 per day rate, the end result can be a phenomenal savings on a one-way drive to Florida! 


No complaints about a base rate of $5 per day for Boston-Orlando.


Or this Interstate 95 drive at $5 per day.

Offer Terms and Conditions from Budget (published by Budget on September 21) and Avis (published by Avis on September 22)

These rates are available for locations in the following metropolitan areas: Boston, Hartford, Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, and Norfolk traveling to Florida.

  • Economy (group A): $5/day
  • Compact (group B): $5/day
  • Midsize (group C):  $5/day
  • Standard (group D): $5/day
  • Full Size (group E): $5/day
  • Premium (group G): $14.95/day
  • Luxury (group H): $26.95/day
  • Intermediate SUV (group F): $14.95/day
  • Standard SUV (group W): $16.95/day
  • Standard Elite SUV (group S): $21.95/day
  • Minivan (group V): $21.95/day
  • Full Size SUV (group Z): $26.95/day
  • Premium Full Size SUV (group L): $31.95/day
  • Convertible (group K): $14.95/day

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer valid for checkout between 9/19/17 and 10/31/17 for one-way rentals only; vehicle must be picked up at a participating Northeast location and returned to a different participating Florida location.
  • Rates require a minimum 1- to maximum 14-consecutive-day rental period.
  • Offer valid on the following car groups: Economy (group A) through Full Size (group E), Premium (group G), Intermediate SUV (group F), Minivan (group V), Standard SUV (group W), Standard Elite SUV (group S), Full Size SUV (group Z), Premium Full Size SUV (group L), and Convertible (group K).
  • Offers may not be available during holiday and other blackout periods; rate surcharges during peak periods may apply.
  • Offer subject to vehicle availability at the time of reservation and may not be available on some rates at some times.
  • Renter must meet Budget age, driver and credit requirements.  Minimum age may vary by location.  An additional daily surcharge may apply for renters under 25 years old.
  • Rates are non-discountable; they may not be combined with any other BCD number, coupon, promotion or offer. 
  • Taxes, concession recovery fees, vehicle license recovery fee, customer facility charges may apply and are extra. Optional products such as LDW and refueling are extra.
  • Rates are based on U.S. currency. 

How Does a User Take Advantage of the Offer?

Renters looking for a one-way rental simply need to enter a Quote Request. If the $5 per day (plus taxes and fees) offer is available for a routing between the Northeast and Florida, it will automatically be returned in the links we send! We get our quotes directly from the rental car companies, so the only requirement is to request a quote. If the price comes back as $5 per day plus tax, you'll notice a very low total rate! If Avis and Budget are not offering the $5 per day rate for your rental, you'll still see the best rate we're able to find for your rental period!


Ready to book your next cheap rental car? If you're driving from the Northeast to Florida this fall, we hope the $5 per day rate is available for your rental (either through Avis/Budget or one of the Hertz-owned companies)! Click below to request a quote and we'll send the best possible rates within minutes!

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