Excellent Survey Who doesn't love a good top 10 list? Well here we have a survey by Auto Rental News (ARN) given to owners and managers of auto rental companies in order to determine their favorite rental car of all time. They were asked to judge 35 models based on price, functionality, reliability, safety, customer experience, maintenance, acquisition costs, resale value and overall return on investment (what it's all about in the industry). Without further ado, the envelope please...

First Place - Toyota Camry

The survey respondents had high praise for the Camry including comments such as, "most versatile"; "great car, period"; "great all-around rental"; "It is by far the best rental vehicle I have ever come across, factoring in every aspect of the industry"; "I think they are the best-built cars serving the car rental industry." That's high praise from folks who certainly know their cars.

Apparently the recent recall issues did not impact people's perception of the car, either inside our outside the industry. Respondents pointed out that the Camry is also a customer favorite--"customers love it" and "people request it."

Second Place - Ford Taurus (2006 and earlier models)

Second and third place go to the Ford Taurus. Second place goes to the old Taurus which was discontinued in 2006. ARN points out that the original Ford Taurus is viewed as "a classic rental car." Operators praised the Taurus for its low cost to operate, "bulletproof" reliability ("Steady and true. Seemed like the one you could always count on to get you there and back."), as well as its flexibility "as both a mid- and full-size rental." (Hmm, I won't even get into here how they charge different prices based on car class, but then give you the same car regardless.)

Third Place - Ford Taurus (new model)

Third place goes to the new 2010 model Taurus. Respondents has comments like, "Customers like to drive this car; it's comfortable, reliable and easy to maintain," and "The model meets or exceeds all our expectations with regards to the customer experience, reliability and functionality."

If you'd like to read the rest of the article, and find out which model was so powerful that the Newark Police requested that the rental company stop renting them because they couldn't catch 'em, head on over to Auto Rental News by clicking here.

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