In our posts about rental cars, we occasionally talk about car-sharing companies such as Car2Go and ZipCar or peer-to-peer companies such as GetAround or Turo. These companies have a great purpose in the market, especially times when traditional rental car companies are closed and/or sold out. Recently, Daimler-owned Car2Go decided to add another benefit for all U.S.-based members that's something every driver can appreciate -- free courses (normally priced at $50) from the National Safety Council on safe driving and avoiding distracted driving as part of the Vision Zero initiative.  

These courses even apply to drivers on red dirt roads, where Car2Go vehicles should never go.

Why is this so exciting? Every driver can use a periodic refresher and the course most benefits those who have gone a while without a course, drive infrequently or have encountered a few challenges in their driving records. Well, the Car2Go free coursework is likely off limits for those with "challenges" (accidents and/or points), as a driver-record check is part of the Car2Go enrollment process -- remember, Car2Go insures drivers in Mercedes-Benz vehicles (plus lesser smart for twos), so there's a good reason for the company to check driving records! Besides, most traditional rental car companies run the same form of driver record checks at the time of enrollment in the loyalty program or at the counter (for those not enrolled in the loyalty program).

The drivers who most need these free courses won't be able to join Car2Go.

What are the benefits of completing this coursework offered by Car2Go to members at no additional charge? 

  • The vast majority of individuals report learning something new about safe driving, defensive driving, and avoiding distracted driving (we all win).
  • Car2Go throws in $15 in drive credits for completing the coursework (Car2Go users win).
  • Depending upon insurance provider and the laws of one's state, there just might even be the possibility of earning insurance discounts for completion of coursework (consumers win). 

Curious about a car-sharing company such as Car2Go? There's ordinarily an enrollment fee of $5 (that provides $10 in drive credit upon approval) but we've seen codes available online that waive even that nominal fee. And we're happy to pay that $5 fee if we're certain to accrue more in value in Car2Go credits just from the offer of free coursework on safe driving and avoiding distracted driving!

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