Did you know January 30, 2018 is National Plan for Vacation Day? It's like many other observances in the United States -- it's not really a holiday and a commemoration created by Project:Time Off, where P:TO (as they call themselves) is really just an off-shoot of the U.S. Travel Association. However, National Plan for Vacation Day being set in January actually has a purpose (rather than enriching the members of the U.S. Travel Association); those who actually plan for vacation end up taking their vacation days! And as car renters know, advance planning helps save money on car rentals, especially for the predictable high-demand travel periods each year!

Vacation all I ever wanted.

How does booking as early as possible help renters save money on their vehicles? We've talked about the basic concepts before in our holiday booking guide but there are some not-so-secret aspects of the rental car industry where planners have the greatest advantage:

  • Rental car companies allow making reservations up to 330 days (almost 11 months) in advance.
  • The earliest bookings allow renters to get the vehicle types that sell out first during periods of high demand (think minivans, full-size vans, and full-size SUVs), and
  • Those who make an early "Free Cancellation" reservation and submit for tracking at give us the maximum number of days to look for lower rates on a renter's behalf!

There is simply no telling when a rental car company might issue a major sale or lower price; wait until the last minute to book and we can assure you there's a much lower possibility of seeing a price drop. And that 330-day window is really convenient for the best planners -- on Plan for Vacation Day, the most organized renters can book for high-demand periods such as summer vacations, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and even rentals that would be returned on Christmas Day (but not quite yet New Years)! Already know when the family's going to head out on vacation? There's really no reason to wait; in fact, procrastination may prove costly (in terms of price and sell-outs)!

Ready to book your next cheap rental car? Click below to request the lowest possible "Free Cancellation" rates and we'll send you the best available prices within minutes! Once you make a reservation and track the details at, we'll search every day to see if there's a possibility for even more savings!

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