We appreciate when contests awarding trips include rental cars as part of the prize; after all, we're a rental car blog and most contests offering trips provide little or no provision for transportation at the destination in the prize. And for some adult in the United States, winning the Swedish Fish Chomped Sweepstakes is going to result in a trip to Oahu, Hawai'i, hotel, rental car, a shark experience, and cash in conjunction with Discovery's Shark Week

Quick Question and Answer Time

Question: What do Swedish Fish candies have to do with sharks?

Answer: Absolutely nothing, other than Swedish Fish parent company Mondelez writing a check to be the "Official Candy of Shark Week".

Question: Isn't there a volcano in Hawai'i?

Answer: The Kilauea volcano is impacting a small area of the Big Island of Hawai'i; Oahu is far away from Kilauea and even the vast majority of the Big Island is still accessible (despite what some Facebook users might say).

Oahu is nowhere near Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.

That's not to say we're all-in on the concept of Discovery's Shark Week. For us, Shark Week, well, jumped the shark with Megalodon the animated shark. Then there was the race of Olympian Michael Phelps versus a shark but we don't have an idiom to describe jumping the shark after already jumping the shark. However, we can still appreciate a trip to Hawai'i and an undisclosed shark experience, even though the promotion's terms don't state precisely what one might receive!

This promotion hasn't jumped the shark. Yet.

About those Vague Terms and Conditions

The contest is open to legal adults in the 50 United States plus Washington, D.C. and individuals can enter once per day between now and September 30, 2018. The official entry form requires a date of birth but does not require accepting additional communications from Discovery and their sponsors. There are periodic second prizes awarded but the Grand Prize is the one with the trip (including a rental car).

The grand prize includes:

  • Roundtrip coach transportation for up to four people to Oahu,
  • A double-occupancy hotel room for two nights,
  • An undeclared shark experience,
  • An undisclosed rental car where the winner has to meet standard conditions (at least 25 years old, credit card in one's name, license in good standing, etc.),
  • $800 in spending cash, and
  • A hefty federal tax bill, as Discovery estimates the value of the two-night trip at $14,900.

We mocked Iceland-based Blue Car Rental's recent promotion about ambiguous accommodations but notice Discovery's prize package for four people only provides a hotel room for two! At least we can say Discovery included a rental car in their contest -- Blue Car Rental forgot that step in their recent contest! And our estimate is that the shark experience has to be absolutely epic to get the total estimated value of the trip up to $14,900! After all, we have team members go to Hawai'i every year and without dropping anything near $15k ...

Yet someone has to win this contest, and one can always appeal the stated value on a Form 1099-MISC if Discovery's value is far overestimated. Interested? Here's the link to enter.

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