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In a previous blog post where we mocked the City and County of San Francisco and their handling of rental-related issues (this specific post, as there have been numerous), we suggested San Francisco might be looking at lawsuits against multiple rental car companies. The City and County had decided to sue Hertz for a tolling problem that was largely generated by ... the City and County itself! Hertz was the random company pulled out of a hat with insufficient disclosures about how the City and County decided to charge tolls in a different manner than every other bridge in the State of California. So at the end of the blog post, I made a statement that would be considered a joke in any city except San Francisco (where it would be plausible).

Question: How long before San Francisco sues Enterprise because the rental car company doesn't provide a list of the lowest-cost gas stations?

Answer: We suspect that will occur within a few months.

Fast forward six months and what happens? Enterprise adds information about gas stations to their app, along with directions to the return location! We know the AutoSlash service is all about innovation and we frequently offer our "consulting service" when rental companies take consumer-unfriendly actions. Yet this recent update to the Enterprise app (for Android and iOS) is good for everyone! It's good for consumers who are constrained by time and better for a company like Enterprise, as these features encourage customers to fill up close to the return location! And by helping customers find gas stations (and thus avoiding the abusive, yet disclosed, refueling fees), Enterprise has fewer reasons to worry about receiving communications from the City Attorney of San Francisco!

Directions to the return location and gas stations are nice touches!

In an act of followership, Avis quickly implemented the same functionality within their app.

Sometimes, copying a good idea is a good thing!

Everyone wins when Enterprise (and now Avis) is willing to help anyone be like Elwood and Jake with a full tank of gas, as long as that renter fills up within 10 (not 106) miles of the return location and doesn't use any tobacco products in the rental! 

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