UPDATE: The Enterprise companies discontinued participation in the Plenti program as of December 31, 2017.
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Our blog frequently reminds users to take advantage of frequent renter programs provided by the rental car companies to save time, money, and often earn points or credits toward free rental days! However, the benefits offered by those frequent rental programs vary from one company to the next. Companies like Avis, Hertz, and National offer members of their loyalty programs an expedited check-out process, some choice over the vehicle driven (at major airport locations), and provide points or credits toward future free rental days. Alamo and Budget are examples of companies that provide accelerated check-out but no credits toward free rental days, while Payless manages to operate the only punitive loyalty program we know! Yet there is a cost-free option for some Alamo renters to earn loyalty points redeemable at other retailers.

Re-Introducing Plenti 

All three of the Enterprise Holdings companies -- Alamo, Enterprise, and National -- are potential Plenti participants. As noted in our article about the September 2017 ExxonMobil SpeedPass+ offer, Plenti is a loyalty program operated by American Express but allows earning points from over 900 disparate companies such as ExxonMobil, AT&T, Chili's, Expedia, Hulu, Macy's, Nationwide Insurance, and Rite Aid. All of the points go into a single account and can be redeemed at a smaller subset of the partners. A purchase at a participating rental car company earns points that can be redeemed for other necessary products and service, like fuel at ExxonMobil. However, the base reward offered by Plenti is just 1 point (a single cent) per dollar on time and mileage charges for the three Enterprise companies.

There's really no choice for Enterprise or National customers. A renter can earn either credit toward free days or Plenti points but not both. Rental cars loyalty programs -- like other companies -- only allow earning one form of rebate per rental. 

You can only earn loyalty rewards for one loyalty program per rental and one rental at any one time, and only one Plenti member can earn points on a particular rental.

The Enterprise Plus program awards at least 1 point per dollar on purchases (worth 5 cents) and the National Executive Club program awards credits toward free days. Enterprise and National also put out annual bonus promotions such as Enterprise Plus Your Points and National's One Two Free, so electing to earn Plenti points instead would be a massive loss in value. It's almost always more beneficial to earn Enterprise or National's own points/credits.

But that leaves Alamo, a company with a frequent renter program (Alamo Insiders) that doesn't award any points or credits toward free Alamo rentals, so it's a perfect opportunity to consider alternative forms of cash back or rebates. There are options to earn frequent flyer miles on Alamo rentals but those come at a cost; there's a federal excise tax assessed if a renter earns miles on a U.S.-based airline -- that figure gets added to the rental total. The 1% back from Plenti doesn't result in a tax burden and might be supplemented if the Plenti user has an available bonus offer. When an Alamo renter walks to the counter, there's the choice of earning no rebate, paying for the privilege of a few frequent flyer miles, or taking 1% plus potential bonuses. As frequent travelers, we would opt for that last option, providing our Plenti number to the Alamo counter at the time of rental as noted in the Terms and Conditions

The company says to add the Plenti number at the counter.

Plenti Bonus Offers

We know it's hard to get excited about a 1% rebate on a rental car transaction but again, Alamo's default is 0%! Where Plenti provides value is in the frequent bonus opportunities offered for Alamo. Imagine a hypothetical $60 weekend rental, where $40 was the rental itself and $20 were taxes. Plenti would only return 40 points (or 40 cents) unless there was a bonus ... Logging into my Plenti account, I quickly found a bonus offer of 750 Plenti points on a two-day rental.

Bonuses that need to be Activated within the Plenti account is how real points are earned.

If Alamo's willing to give me either nothing or 790 total points ($7.90 at ExxonMobil) back on a two-day rental, I'm going to be singing the "Running With the Tiger" commercials from the 1980s.

Who can object to a rental car subsidizing future fuel purchases!

Our Take

We admittedly rarely rent from Alamo, as we prefer the programs that allow us to choose our own cars and go, all while earning points toward free rental days! Alamo comes into our rental decisions when there's no other alternative or the other alternatives are far too expensive. Yet we readily admit that we'll be earning Plenti points every time we rent from Alamo in the future. We wouldn't be doing a good job at finding our lowest possible prices on our own rental cars if we declined to take Plenti points and potential bonuses on Alamo rentals!

Program Terms and Conditions

The Primary Driver's Plenti card number must be provided at time of reservation or rental. The name of the member associated with the Plenti card number provided must match the Primary Driver's name on the rental to qualify for points awards. Only one Plenti member per car rental will be credited with points.

Offer valid for rentals at participating Alamo locations in the US.

Tour, travel industry, certain corporate accounts and complimentary rentals do not qualify for points awards.

Multiple rentals that encompass different cars on the same or consecutive days from the same location shall be counted as a single qualifying rental even if the member checks the car in and back out during the same period.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks after completed qualifying rental for points to be posted to your account.


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