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In the lead-up to Thanksgiving, our entire team is exceptionally grateful for many reasons. We've made positive choices in life as individuals and come together as a team to help our fellow travelers. By the same token, we understand others haven't displayed effective decision-making skills. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we have to say we're thankful we're not the owner of Tick Van and Car Rental in Dewsbury (just southwest of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England). You see, that individual decided to embark upon a series of bad life choices after failing to earn sufficient revenue through his primary business line.

The owner of the lot was first arrested in 2016. As The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports, at the time of the first arrest in August 2016, there were:

  • A rental van with a plastic tub containing two digital scales, 80 grams of cocaine, and 770 grams of skunk cannabis,
  • A Subaru with another 25 grams of cannabis,
  • Small quantities of cocaine and cannabis in an office,
  • 4,750 GBP (a little more than $6,200 USD),
  • And a cell phone with text messages asking the shop owner for drugs.

At that time, he admitted to being a user of pot. He was attracting a lot of heat from the police but he still had a job, as he did own the rental car lot. Given the legal authorities were less than impressed with his initial responses and he was already facing drug charges, most individuals would try to fly the straight and narrow route, running an efficient rental car operation and not compounding an already bad situation.

Not our enterprising rental company owner!

He was already under surveillance when he handed over a full kilo of coke to a third-party in July of this year. That's a substantial quantity, with a wholesale value of approximately $60,000 USD and a street value of over $200,000. At this point, the rental company owner decided to cut his losses, admit to a few drug crimes, and won't be available to "rent cars" until early 2025. And according to the now prisoner, this all started because he used pot to deal with personal problems.

At least he'll have plenty of time to customize his own version of Afroman's Because I Got High.

If I get caught with a key of coke, I know why ...

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