UPDATE: This post refers to a promotion that ended on May 21, 2018. If Enterprise restores the offer in the fall, a new blog post with details will be provided.
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In early September, our post on Enterprise's recurring weekend promotion at neighborhood locations noted that the company had been offering limited mileage rentals for Friday through Monday timeframes at a cost as low as $9.99 per weekend day for decades. We also picked up an oddity in their promotional terms -- a phrase that the promotion would "end on or before May 29, 2018". The $9.99 per day promotion did end well before May 29, 2018, and has been replaced with a new offer starting at $12.99 per weekend day and with an "end on or before May 22, 2018". Is this still a compelling deal, given all the critical parameters except cost remain the same?

Limited mileage weekend rentals now start at $12.99 per day.

Enterprise is still focused on vehicle utilization rates. The company knows it's important to get vehicles off neighborhood lots on weekends, potentially upselling a few customers on additional/optional services (like insurance or satellite radio), and hoping a decent percentage of customers who sign up for this limited mileage offer will blow past the cap of 100 per day (300 miles for the weekend). The extra $3 per day Enterprise has elected to implement just (barely) gets the revenue to a point where the daily rental rate at least covers depreciation for the car! The $12.99 rate with the 100 mile-per-day cap may or may not be available at any specific neighborhood site, and non-promotional rentals with unrestricted mileage might still be available at exceptionally compelling rates!

That means some renters still encounter a choice -- to take advantage of the promo or to book a rate with unlimited mileage. If a renter wants to be constrained by the 300-mile cap, we're definitely happy to help book these rates if Enterprise makes them available in the local market. However, the heavy road-trip patterns of AutoSlash users means we would ordinarily return rates with unlimited mileage* instead. The unlimited mileage rates often come with modest incremental costs, provide much more flexibility for weekend plans, and avoids a 20 cent per mile (plus tax) penalty for each mile driven over 300 for a three-day weekend.

* Any mileage restrictions from the selected rental car company are listed before booking. If a renter tracks a reservation with unlimited mileage at AutoSlash.com/Track, we only search rates with unlimited mileage.

As the example below shows, a renter who would likely exceed the 300-mile cap by as little as 45 miles on a three-day rental (as all of us at AutoSlash would) could be better served by sticking with the unlimited mileage option.

After taxes, a qualifying promotional rental usually ends up a bit under $45 with limited mileage.

While an identical rental without the mileage cap might be competitively priced.

Full (Revised) Terms and Conditions from Enterprise

Offer includes only the base rate charge (Time and Mileage) and excludes applicable to taxes, fees, surcharges and charges for optional products or services, such as Damage Waiver (at $30 or less per day), refueling, drop-off, delivery, youthful driver, additional driver, pick up, or one way rentals, which are the responsibility of the Renter. Offer valid at participating neighborhood locations within the U.S. and Puerto Rico only for rentals reserved in advance. Rental must begin on or after October 29, 2017 and end on or before May 22, 2018. Offer rate starting at $12.99 per day applies to an Economy or Compact car rented on Friday and ending the following Monday, and includes 100 miles per day. For certain locations, the base rate charge may be higher than $12.99 per day. Go to the main reservation path on the enterprise.com home page, or contact the location in question directly, before visiting your local branch or making your booking. Enterprise reserves the right to terminate the offer or change the terms at any time. Offer is not valid at airport locations and availability is limited. Rates are as posted at time of reservation at enterprise.com. Offer cannot be combined with other coupons, offers or discounted rates. Renter and additional driver(s) must meet renting branch’s standard rental qualifications apply. Additional mandatory charges may be imposed, including, but not limited to, a customer facility charge, airport concession fee, tourism commission assessment, vehicle license recovery fee, or other government imposed taxes or fees. For more information, including an estimate of your total rental cost, visit our Internet Web site at www.enterprise.com. Please check your insurance policy and/or credit card agreement for rental vehicle coverage. Other restrictions, including holiday and blackout dates, may apply. Pick-up and drop-off service is subject to geographic and other restrictions. Void where prohibited.  


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