The rental car industry has tens of thousands of locations worldwide. Like any other industry, each year sees new locations, relocations/consolidations from one address to another, and even some sites closing altogether. It's a healthy part of competition that low-performing, money-losing sites close in any industry (see "Sears and KMart"). Renters in the Scandinavian nations of Norway and Sweden recently lost access to the companies run by Enterprise Holdings (Alamo, Enterprise, and National) after the regional franchisee went bankrupt. And unlike bankruptcies in the United States where companies frequently continue to operate under Chapter 11, this bankruptcy led to the closure of all sites on March 29.

Enterprise Pick-Up

Renting in Scandinavia? Enterprise won't Pick You Up (but will let you down).

The experiment was short-lived. The franchisee -- Greyfell Nordic -- just came aboard at the end of 2014. Greyfell Nordic even brought in extra people to run sub-franchises in the region and leased cars to those operators. Upon Greyfell's bankruptcy filing, those operators had their leased cars confiscated, causing surprise to these affiliate operators. There are no longer any active sites in Norway or Sweden, despite the presence of country and site-specific websites. Further, Enterprise does not have any public press release about these closures more than three weeks ago and there's little information (at all) available about Greyfell Nordic. 

Did Enterprise Confirm These Closures? 

While some Enterprise websites continue to list the locations in Norway and Sweden, the "Hours of Operation" currently show the sites are each closed 7 days a week.

This location is nice enough to accept After Hours returns.

Not satisfied with the website showing zero operating hours, I rang up Enterprise's support division. A friendly agent affirmed that the company no longer has any operating facilities at the airports previously covered by the Greyfell Nordic partnership. 

Have a Future AutoSlash Reservation at an Affected Scandinavian Location?

When we encounter information that a site has closed, we immediately search our records to identify any future reservations for the recently-closed site and let affected customers know. It's one of our default practices; many AutoSlash users learn about company closures through us, not the rental car companies!  

Have a Scandinavian Reservation Made Outside of AutoSlash?

There's no better time to request an AutoSlash quote from the remaining providers! Booking and/or tracking through us as early as possible gives us more days to search for lower rates on your behalf! 

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