NOTE: This post refers to a recurring promotion; this iteration of Enterprise Plus Your Points expired on January 20, 2017.
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The Enterprise Plus program might seem like an odd fit for travelers who use AutoSlash:

  • AutoSlash is all about finding the lowest possible rates, while
  • Enterprise Plus is a revenue-based program.

Why is Enterprise Plus (and the Plus Your Points) promotion beneficial despite this apparent contradiction? Enterprise is frequently the cheapest reputable provider and we always recommend taking advantage of the loyalty programs of the rental car companies. We're obviously fans of saving time and money, while also potentially earning car upgrades and free rental days.

Enterprise Plus Your Points

Enrolling in the Enterprise Plus program is free and award days start as low as 400 points. More realistically, a free day is likely to be in the range of 650-1200 points.  

The Enterprise Plus Your Points program

Enterprise Plus Your Points is valid from October 17, 2016, through January 20, 2017. A customer must be an Enterprise Plus member in order to participate in the Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion.

Enterprise Plus or National Emerald Club

Given Enterprise and National both have promotions, renters might prefer to earn most/all credits with one program over the other. While the Enterprise and National loyalty programs are separate:

  • Enterprise usually allows National rentals to count toward Enterprise promotions.
  • National usually allows Enterprise rentals to count toward National promotions.

Enterprise and National - both part of Enterprise Holdings - have very different conceptualizations of how a rental car loyalty program should ordinarily run. While National focuses on a number of rentals, Enterprise has a points-based rewards program . Enterprise Plus points are accrued solely based upon dollar spent ( except for this promotion ).

There are a few other meaningful differences between the Enterprise and National programs:

  • Rewards in the Enterprise program are not valid for one-way rentals.
  • Unlike National's Emerald Aisle, entitlements to upgrades are minimal with Enterprise - even customers at the Enterprise Plus Platinum tier (with 24 rentals or 85 rentals days per year) have only four confirmed upgrades per year.

How to Benefit from the Promotion

Once registered for the promotion, all a customer must do is provide the Enterprise Plus number as part of the reservation confirmation.

There are two ways to play the promotion:

  • Serendipitously earning double points on all rentals and occasionally hitting bonus opportunities, or
  • Intentionally triggering bonus opportunities (called Badges)

Even customers who ordinarily credit Enterprise rentals to National might consider enrolling in Enterprise Plus Your Points, as there are several achievable thresholds without crediting rentals to the firm.

Enterprise Plus Your Points Badges

The promotion grants activity-based badges with a point bonus associated with each badge. Why do companies use digital badges? Research shows that the presence of badges encourages individuals to be engaged with a firm. We don't care whether the badges drive engagement to Enterprise; we would be happy if you got to enjoy driving some Enterprise vehicles for free!*

* We're not above bad automotive puns at AutoSlash; in fact, it's part of our culture.

The day after enrolling, my dashboard was populated with 13 badges; 12 badges for activities plus the "Double Points" badge. Not included were badges for second and third rentals (had not made any rentals), the badge for renting online, or the badge for enrolling in e-mails (my account was already set to receive e-mails).

However, I didn't lose out on any points-earning opportunities! The App Download badge was 150 points instead of 50, immediately making up for two missing badges. A total of 345 Enterprise Plus points were available even before making a reservation.

While most of the badges are one-time activities, the "Airport Weekend" and "Rent Via Mobile App" options do seem to be recurring. Obviously, an AutoSlash booking would not be through the mobile app - we hope to be able to save you enough to forgo those points!

Of the options that require a rental, the SiriusXM Satellite Radio badge (250 points) can clearly be a valuable add-on with a short (read, "one-day" rental). The cost of the service is $5.99 per day plus the various rental car taxes and fees but can provide a boost in points that's worth far more than the cost.

Every Enterprise Plus Your Points enrollee is eligible for the following five badges:

  • Registration badge: 20 bonus points
  • Double Points badge: Double point bonus
  • Airport Weekend badge: 75 bonus points
  • Neighborhood Weekend badge: 75 bonus points
  • Survey badge: 75 bonus points

The following badges are at Enterprise's discretion:

  • App Download badge: 50 points (my offer was 150)
  • Email Opt-in badge: 50 points
  • Go Paperless badge: 50 points
  • Keep Driving badge: 150 points for three (3) qualifying rentals
  • Rental via Mobile App badge: 50 bonus points
  • Rent in Europe badge: 75 points
  • Rent Online Badge: 50 bonus points
  • Second Rental badge: 150 bonus points
  • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio badge: 250 points
  • Surprise badge: 100 points
  • Weekly Rental badge: 75 points
  • Twitter badge: 50 bonus points

Our Take

Many renters with Enterprise could benefit from the time and cost savings of Enterprise Plus. The information provided to Enterprise Plus (including name, address, and license detail) are already recorded by the company when a customer rents a vehicle. In fact, I retroactively received credit toward Enterprise status for rentals I had previously credited to National's Emerald Club.

The greatest takeaway? A renter who is going to have a minimal rental history with Enterprise between now and January 20, 2017, might be able to accrue one or more free rental days. Ordinarily, a customer would need $400 in time and mileage charges (after discounts) before taxes to accrue the minimal number of points for the cheapest free day. With this promotion, I was able to quickly earn twice as many points with a single $40 (including taxes) rental. 

That's a modest win in our books! The only thing better than a cheap car rental through AutoSlash? Free days* from the rental car firms themselves!

* Well, the government will always charge taxes and fees...

A Note of Caution

In my case, enrolling in the Enterprise Plus program and the Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion required three phone calls over three days - the servers at Enterprise were somehow associating my National Emerald Club number as an invalid Enterprise Plus account; the driver license number is a key index for both programs.

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