NOTE: This post refers to the 2017-2018 version of Enterprise "Plus Your Points", which ended on January 31, 2018.

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Enterprise has announced their 2017-2018 iteration of the "Plus Your Points" promotion that offers renters the ability to earn bonus points on rentals and other activities from now until January 31, 2018. Why do we like this promotion? It's one of the few times during the year earning Enterprise Plus points can be lucrative for renters. The remainder of the year, the average Enterprise Plus user earns 1 point per dollar base rate of the rental in a revenue-based program. That's a paltry 5% rebate as noted in our review of how to redeem Enterprise Plus points. Given that AutoSlash searches for the lowest possible rates, it takes a long time to earn awards in that form of reward program. In fact, we ordinarily elect to credit our qualifying Enterprise rentals to National's Emerald Club instead! The fall/winter "Plus Your Points" promotion is one of the few times per year when earning points in Enterprise Plus has a compelling narrative.   

Enterprise Plus Your Points

Enrolling in the Enterprise Plus program is free and a precursor to taking advantage of the Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion. Award days start as low as 400 points (for rentals with a base rate under $20) but more realistically, a free day in the program is likely to require between 650 and 1200 points.

This year's promotion lasts a full 4.5 months.

The Enterprise Plus Your Points Promotion

Enterprise Plus Your Points is valid from September 13, 2017, through January 31, 2018. The structure of this year's offer is almost identical to last year's offer (review available here). Renters would earn the traditional base point in the Enterprise Plus program, earn a bonus point from Plus Your Points, and have access to a number of optional, points-earning badges that can be completed through rentals or other activities. Already have some Enterprise Plus points but not expecting to credit any rentals to Enterprise this fall/winter? That's where I find myself this year but Plus Your Points still offers options to add a few hundred points to the Enterprise Plus balance.

How to Benefit from the Promotion

Frequent Enterprise renters accumulating Enterprise Plus points would want to register for the promotion, then focus on triggering the available bonus opportunities (called badges) in the program. Even those who rarely use their Enterprise Plus accounts should look toward the badges, as all participants in the promotion have the ability to earn points without completing any rentals. My dashboard upon enrolling showed 11 different possible badges -- many companies have adopted programs with badges because research suggests that does make participants more engaged. The badge for the e-mail opt-in couldn't be completed (link was broken) but I had 70 points (worth about $3.50) within a minute, and without actually making a Twitter post. If all I do from here on out is complete the email opt-in, fill out the survey, and visit the website the week of the "surprise" points, the 295 points earned (just a tick under $15 in redemption value) would put me over the threshold for another free day, without any spending at Enterprise.

My dashboard this year was "rental heavy" due to my existing profile selections.

The badges listed in the promotion this year are identical to the badges last year with one exception; there's now a bonus available to every renter who has a rental greater than 28 days. 

Every Enterprise Plus Your Points enrollee is eligible for the following six badges:

  • Registration badge*: 20 bonus points
  • Double Points badge: Double point bonus
  • Airport Weekend badge: 75 bonus points
  • Neighborhood Weekend badge: 75 bonus points
  • Survey badge*: 75 bonus points -- Note: My account did not include the survey badge
  • Extended Rental badge: 500 bonus points (rentals more than 28 days)

The following badges are at Enterprise's discretion:

  • App Download badge*: 50 points 
  • Email Opt-in badge*: 50 points
  • Go Paperless badge*: 50 points
  • Keep Driving badge: 150 points for three (3) qualifying rentals
  • Rental via Mobile App badge: 50 bonus points
  • Rent in Europe badge: 75 points
  • Rent Online Badge: 50 bonus points
  • Second Rental badge: 150 bonus points
  • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio badge: 250 points
  • Surprise badge*: 100 points (appears just one week during the promotion)
  • Weekly Rental badge: 75 points
  • Twitter badge*: 50 bonus points

* An astute reader who has never rented at Enterprise or set up an Enterprise Plus account would note that it's possible to earn up to 395 points without making a rental, and the Enterprise Plus program requires 400 points to get the base rate waived on a $20 rental.

Enterprise plays it a little loose with the rules -- many of the options are listed as "one-time only" while other badges that are clearly single use (like registering for the program) don't have that delineation. Our favorite badge if we find ourselves in an Enterprise rental for a single day? The 250 points for adding SiriusXM satellite radio. Although we ordinarily suggest renters avoid the comparatively abusive fees for satellite radio at Enterprise and other companies, we're more than happy to add the service on a one-day rental ($5.99 plus taxes and fees) when we know we'll get 250 Enterprise Plus points (worth ~$12.50) as a result! 

Our Take

The Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion takes one of the least rewarding rewards programs -- where a customer ordinarily needs to spend $400 before getting a $20 award -- and puts points towards free days easily within reach, even for infrequent renters at Enterprise. While Enterprise isn't the first, second, or third choice of the AutoSlash team, we always keep Enterprise Plus points on hand! Why? Enterprise is the world's largest rental car company and we often end up in locations where Enterprise is the only choice. And free rental days (before taxes, of course) are the only rental days that are better than cheap rentals identified through AutoSlash. 

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