NOTE: This post refers to an expired relocation special to get vehicles from the State of Florida in Spring 2017. This special recurs in some form each year and we add new posts when reactivated by the rental car companies.
Goodbye Florida Sign

In our blog post about one-way rentals, we described how many rental companies use low, promotional one-way rates to entice renters to move vehicles from one region to another. The rental car company gets some revenue and avoids the costly alternative of paying car transporters to relocate vehicles on their behalf.

Although it's still January at the time of this writing, Enterprise has already introduced their "drive-out" special to get cars out of Florida in the Spring of 2017. How cheap can these one-ways be? As low as $9.95 per day (plus taxes) for a full-size car!

In the United States, rental cars migrate north during the spring.

Of course, there are many Terms and Conditions, including applicable cities in Florida where the rental can start and when the rental can start. While the full promotional offer extends between April 1 and May 31, 2017, some locations (such as Daytona Beach and Orlando) don't participate until April 16. And like all drive-out offers, the promotion will end when enough cars have been moved out of the region. 

Using Enterprise's Promotion to Your Advantage

Want to know something special about these rentals with Enterprise? While the return must be to a participating station outside of the State of Florida, the rentals are valid for any timeframe between 1 and 21 days. These rentals also come with unlimited miles! And there's no requirement that the rental car must leave the State of Florida on any specific day of the rental; the car could be used as a low-cost local rental in Florida for almost three weeks before heading to the return location … Enterprise simply wants the vehicle to move away from Florida to the approved destination.

A snowbird who lives in Florida during the winter and moves back to the northeast during the summer is a prime candidate for this promotion. However, there are other intriguing use cases.

A renter from Washington, D.C. with an April conference in Florida could fly to the event, rent a car for the conference, and then fly back. Or … the work conference could transition directly to a vacation, multiple visits with friends and family, and access to a cheap car until the scheduled return date back in D.C. In fact, the multiple week one-way rental would often cost less than a car reserved just for the local conference!

A two-week Punta Gorda, FL (PGD) to Washington, D.C. (DCA) rental has hefty airport taxes and fees but is still cheaper than many one-week local rentals!

Not a fan of airport taxes on a two-week rental? We aren't either, so we were happy to see this offer working at neighborhood Enterprise locations as well! A full-size, one-way rental for under $100 per week is a deal that's rarely available!

My extended family avoided the airport taxes on their upcoming two-week rental from Florida to Washington, D.C.

Next Steps

Ready to book one of these one-way specials with Enterprise? If you're going from one of the participating cities in Florida to a participating location outside of Florida, we can help! While Enterprise doesn't provide a list of participating return locations outside of Florida, a renter with the mindset of "airports in the Northeast United States" would stand a decent chance of finding one of these special drive-out opportunities. While there wouldn't be much potential for price cuts, these are about the lowest rates you'll ever find for a one-way rental, keeping the car for up to 21 days. Click here to request a quote now!

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