Enterprise/Sir Rosevelt Tickets

In what's described as a first-ever implementation of an idea, Enterprise is partnering with Sir Rosevelt and Cirque du Soleil to create an entertainment event. The concept of Share the Code: Hit the Road is that every ticket is given out by other members of the audience through personal networks; an audience-constructed audience. We all know Enterprise (the world's largest rental car company) and Cirque du Soleil (Canadian display of circus arts) but Sir Rosevelt? Sir Rosevelt happens to be Zac Brown's side project (the Zac Brown Band still exists and tours) where he and a few friends combine southern influences with Electronic Dance Music. Yes, Zac Brown has an EDM band and Enterprise is trying to create a unique experience. We would say they succeeded!

That is indeed a stretch from the Zac Brown Band.

The event is August 7, 2018, at the 1stBank Center (Broomfield, Colorado). Enterprise is presenting this event because it will create a ton of media stories and even make the AutoSlash blog, although the probability of Enterprise sending us passes is precisely zero! The basic premise is that Sir Rosevelt will give out a few invites to the event. Each of those invitees will receive three invites to give to deserving individuals. And each new invitee receives three additional invites until the event's capacity is reached. Remember how major new technological developments used to have beta testers who could invite a limited number of friends to the early access phase? Enterprise is doing that with every seat to a major entertainment event!

Tickets are free and can only be gifted via codes; neither tickets nor codes can be sold and if an attendee can't make the concert, the ticket goes back into the pool for new concertgoers. ID's are checked and attendees must be at least 21 years old. Although it's a blow-out event, it's intended to be completely free for attendees; not only will the concert tickets all be distributed through friendship but the 1stBank Center even has free parking!

While Enterprise doesn't provide any travel to this concert, Enterprise does promise that participants in the event will be eligible for a discount on a rental car, with codes listed on ticket confirmations. And given Enterprise is the title sponsor of the event, we wouldn't be shocked to hear (after the fact, of course) if Enterprise implements some form of customer activation offers. 

Of course, there's no requirement to rent a car from Enterprise to get to the show! In fact, it's very likely cheaper to seek a discounted rental car from AutoSlash!* We stand by to help, no matter where you may wish to travel in the world!

* And with that, AutoSlash goes from "not getting an invite" to "banned from the venue". 


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