NOTE: This promotion ended in November 2017; any future offers listed by Enterprise will be detailed in a new blog post.
Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago region usually makes our blog for less-than-desirable actions when it comes to rental cars -- high taxes, class action settlements due to illegal taxes, and class action settlements due to illegal charges on red light cameras are just some examples. Local residents are due some good news when it comes to rental cars. There's not much on the horizon -- the sky-high taxes are never going away -- but residents within 40 miles of the United Center are eligible to enter a Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) promotion sponsored by Enterprise, the official rental car sponsor of the NHL, between now and December 1, 2017.

What's the Deal?

Live within 40 miles of Chicago? Millions of people (and many AutoSlash users) are eligible and could enter this contest sponsored by Enterprise. The prize for the contest winner? Four (4) seats near the boards, four (4) replica jerseys, and round-trip transportation to/from the match accompanied by a Blackhawks Ambassador (a star from a previous era). The Blackhawks determine the game for the contest winner but when they state the value of the prize as exceeding $1,000 for a family of four, they aren't kidding! Much of my own entertainment budget is spent on matches featuring the Nashville Predators, who sadly don't have any similar contest. Our team would love to see an AutoSlash user win this contest sponsored by Enterprise! 

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