Here at AutoSlash, we're all about saving money. We specialize in saving folks money on car rentals, but the entire crew here has deal hunting in our DNA for just about any product and service you can imagine. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to save money, and you have to weigh the hassle vs. the potential savings. In other cases, the amount of effort is so small, and the potential savings so significant, that you'd be crazy not to take advantage of it. AutoSlash fits into that latter category, and so does another service we love called BillFixers.

We were originally turned on to BillFixers by Rachel, one of our super-enthusiastic customers. Rachel is a smart cookie (she's headed to Wharton Business School in the fall), so when she told us about a service she discovered that saved her over $750 on her bills annually, I was intrigued. Being the skeptical type, I thought there must be some catch. In the name of research though, I decided to try it out myself. I was pretty amazed when I saved even more than Rachel on my TV and Internet plan. To say I was sold was an understatement.

What the Heck is a BillFixer?

AutoSlash knows every trick in the book to lower your car rental rate, as many of our customers can attest to. BillFixers does the same thing for your monthly recurring bills like cable, internet, and cellular phone services that AutoSlash does for your car rental rates. Like AutoSlash, they have honed their skills over the years to be able to produce some amazing results when it comes to negotiating with your "favorite" companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Charter, and many others. They can even renegotiate your Sirius/XM Satellite Radio bills or your ADT alarm monitoring bills.

Does it Really Work?

Since that first blog post we've heard from friends, family, and customers who tried BillFixers and saved a ton on their monthly bills. One of our customers, Susan, had a very old cell phone plan with AT&T where she was paying for minutes and data per line. BillFixers was able to switch her to a new unlimited data plan with unlimited voice minutes plus get her a big one-time credit, which saved her $1,749.88 over the next year. While I knew these guys were good, even I was a little shocked that someone could be leaving that much on the table each month.

Another of our customers, Douglas, had his Comcast bill slashed by BillFixers. Doug had pretty slow internet with a basic channel lineup. BillFixers was able to increase his channel lineup, significantly increase his internet speed, and add HBO for free. Even after all that, they also reduced his bill by $718.92 over the next year.

As impressive as Susan and Doug's success stories are, Robert's bills are what BillFixers are most proud of (and deservedly so). First, BillFixers found Robert a contract deal for DirectTV that saved him $60 a month for the next year with no change to his services, and he also got a 6-month discount on his premium channels. Over the next 12 months, he'll save $911.88. On another DirecTV bill he submitted, they got him a $45 a month discount for the next year locked in with a contract, a one-time credit and removed a protection plan he didn't even know he was paying for totaling $714.16 in savings. On his AT&T landline, they were able to discount each item on the bill, including getting his equipment charge reduced to $0 per month, a savings of $492. And finally, for his Windstream account, they dropped the internet price and got him a speed boost and non-published number for free, a savings of $510 over the year. In total, Robert is saving $2,628.04 in total over the four bills this coming year.

But What About My Bills?

Above are just a few highlights of the hundreds of AutoSlash customers who have saved with BillFixers. If you are reading this right now, you are probably overpaying one or more of your service providers. Your phone and TV and Internet providers are in business to make money off you, and they aren't going to call you at the end of the year to let you know that there is a special going on that could save you money or that once your contract is up, they're afraid of losing you to a competitor and are willing to wheel and deal to make sure you stick around for another year. BillFixers are like ninjas at this stuff. They know all the tricks of the trade and all of the current promotions going on. They talk to the companies for you (that's huge—have you ever tried to call Comcast yourself?) and know exactly what to say to get the best deal. (And since their fee is based on how much they actually save you, you know for sure they're getting you the absolute lowest possible price.)

Should you try it?

AutoSlash says: ABSOLUTELY. We give an unqualified thumbs-up to these folks.

Send your bills to BillFixers. It takes two minutes and could save you literally thousands.

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