National Park Scenic Drive

The AutoSlash team loves rental vehicles of all types, including campervans. Not only have we reviewed Jucy USA in the past, we even added a campervan in the AutoSlash fleet! We also like promotions; our Jucy USA review happened during a $1 per day (up to 3 days) transfer special when the company needed to get vehicles from Los Angeles to San Francisco (well, Oakland). The current Escape Campervans special isn't quite that amazing but for families seeking the great outdoors in the late spring, Escape is offering a free National Parks Annual pass with any one-week rental that's completed before June 30, 2018, and starts and/or terminates in the United States (the new Vancouver, British Columbia site gets no U.S. National Parks love).

Without any other current sales, this is a pretty nice offer.

The promotion is fairly straightforward -- book a one-week rental in any Escape vehicle for return before June 30, 2018, using the code PARKSPASS at the first step of checkout while supplies last.

An annual pass is valid for at least a year and sometimes almost 13 months; the expiration date is 12 months from the end of the month in which the pass was acquired. Normally running $80 per year, the pass provides entrance and basic amenities at National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, National Forests, and federal lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Fees such as campsites and special amenities may be extra but there's one great part about annual passes that Escape doesn't note (but probably should).

One annual pass covers the pass owner and all occupants of a single private (non-commercial) vehicle or the pass owner plus three adults at sites that charge "per individual" fees -- it's right there in the rules.

The Legal Disclaimer

As the company notes:

This is not an official U.S. Government website. ESCAPE CAMPERVANS USA is an authorized reseller of the America the Beautiful – the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass. The Annual Pass offered on this website is just one of several Pass options available. If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident age 62 or older, or have a permanent disability, you may qualify for other passes. If you have questions, contact your local Federal recreation site, or visit the webpage for more information.

Escape clearly discloses the fact that seniors (over the age of 62) and individuals with documented permanent disabilities are always eligible to receive discounted and free passes, respectively. Escape doesn't mention that active duty military members also get free passes. Any of those special passes have to be acquired directly from recreational facilities, not through authorized resellers like Escape.

The Good and the Information Renters Should Know

We like this promotion for campers who desire to beat the (worst of the) summer heat while combining a rental vehicle with the features of a camper, even though campervans require renters to carefully review their personal insurance policies. These specialty vehicles are highly unlikely to be covered by either personal policies or credit card coverage; renters should never confuse a campervan as being like any other rental car. Campervans also come with mileage restrictions that tend to be more strict than those of rental cars (Escape sets their limitation at 100 per day), so families should focus on the careful planning of routings! 

And while Escape is happy to help weeklong renters out with an annual parks pass, don't expect a subdued color scheme on any of their vehicles. The "vibrant" hand-painted color schemes will always be unabashedly present.

One doesn't notice the paint schemes when sleeping.

Ready to rent a campervan? We can't help there, as those have to be booked directly through the providers. However, we're always standing by to help renters find the best possible rates on their traditional rental cars. Simply click below to request quotes and we'll send the best available offers within minutes! 

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