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Need a rental car in Great Britain? For a small number of renters, it's possible to get a vehicle for a base rate as low as £1 per day from Europcar as part of their one-way transfer promotion. One-way transfer promotions are popular with the AutoSlash team (and AutoSlash users) as these offers can sometimes fill transportation needs for as little as $1 per day, provided the desired pickup and return locations are available in the promotion. Traveling in Great Britain and interested in the possibility of a one-way rental for £1 for a 24-hour period. Read on for more detail!  

What's a Transfer Special?

The AutoSlash team is really fond of these one-way vehicle transfer specials. Not only are they cheap and help flexible travelers with one-way travel needs, these specials also help the rental car companies (otherwise, they would never be offered). Over time, rental cars get out of position -- there are too many vehicles in some locations and too few vehicles in others. The one-way transfer specials help solve that dilemma for the rental car companies, who can choose to either:

  • Pay for staff or a car hauler to get vehicles from one location to another (expensive), or
  • Set the pricing so low that renters are induced to transfer the car (comparatively cheap).

We talk about some of these transfer specials in our article on one-way rentals, seasonal transfers in the U.S., and even our experience transferring a camper van for JucyUSA. We even search for these specials automatically when AutoSlash is able to help renters book these low rates. Renters have to book directly through Europcar in this promotion but we write about these offers because our team simply wants renters to get the best possible rates on their upcoming rentals.

Strengths of this Promotion

The process of booking many one-way rentals is largely "trial and error", where a renter makes a search in the hope of finding allowed pickup and return locations. Not so with this Europcar promotion. Once a pickup location is selected from the map, eligible drop-off points are immediately shown and booking is a breeze. 

Liverpool to London is cheaper than rail, bus, or air.

And the trip we booked (Portsmouth to London-Luton Airport) came to £1 with tax.

Weaknesses of this Promotion

When a one-way rental is needed, we know that many renters will put up with a lot in order to get a £1 rate. However, there are some downfalls to this promotion written into Europcar's terms. 

The biggest weakness? A renter booking under this promotion is simply reserving a vehicle. The renter would be transporting a vehicle to meet the needs of Europcar and the promotion terms state that the car could be any vehicle "economy or larger". A renter might end up moving a car that's barely large enough for two adults, two children, and two suitcases or a much larger vehicle. The renter has no input as to the car assigned.  

Other weaknesses? The offer is limited to no more than 24 hours (a single day); in the U.S., we see promotions that are frequently valid for 3 to 21 days on these transfer specials. And in some cases, the mileage restriction on the rental may mean that a renter can't stray too far from the shortest possible distance between two city pairs. We were lucky to find a car that had a large buffer between the allowed mileage and the actual mileage needed.

What else? This promotion does have to be booked directly through Europcar. The rentals are also "Pay Now" rates but -- at a base rate of £1 -- can be exceptionally useful for customers. Cancellations more than 24 hours before pickup even get the £1 fee refunded per the Terms and Conditions!

Need a one-way rental in Great Britain? We hope you're able to find one of these special offers for big savings!

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