In Part I yesterday, we left off with a quick brainteaser about matching the rental car company to their appropriate vendor code. Google was (and is) allowed (of course) but we wanted to provide a bit of a challenge. So if you haven't tried the match game yet, feel free to hop back to yesterday's post, break out a pencil, and come right back to see the answers below. So which two-character code matches which rental car company? More after the drop!

Come on tell me who are you!

The discount rental car companies -- and newer companies -- tend to have the easiest rental car codes to discern. Perhaps the easiest was to recognize EZ is, in fact, EZ Rent a Car. The other discounters, upstart chains, and most valuable publicly-traded rental car company Sixt quickly follow:

Two of the car codes could be seen as a bit ambiguous, as either would be reasonable as Enterprise:

Then we had six companies with a two-digit character code starting with the letter "Z" -- if you discerned these codes off the top of your head, you probably work (or should work) in the transportation industry!

  • J. ZD is not Dollar; that would almost make sense. ZD is Budget, and we're really not kidding! 
  • K. ZE is Hertz; missing that one meant the original blog post wasn't read!
  • L. ZI is Avis. That's all we've got to say about that.
  • M. ZL is National. There's truly nothing right in the world.
  • N. ZR is Dollar. Ughh.
  • O. ZT is Thrifty, which is logical when compared to the other "Z-codes".  

Does a customer need to know these codes today? No, and that's definitely a good thing! In the past, travel agents needed to know a lot of syntax to get quotes, review rules, and make reservations -- typing seeminigly interminable strings of characters just like gate agents at the airport! Today, all a traveler needs to do is request quotes from AutoSlash! And while it's seamless to our fellow travelers, all major travel sites convert the information a traveler enters on the quote request form into text-based syntax recognized by the few Global Distribution Systems for rental cars. Our team has a few really talented programmers (and industry-insider Chris) who join modern technology with these text-based systems to help us save money on all of our rentals! 

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