Hertz Gold Status

Even a casual user of our blog knows that the AutoSlash team is most likely to be found renting from the companies targeted toward business travelers, and we're all members of the three company loyalty programs (Avis, Hertz, and National) that give drivers a choice of vehicle at many major airports. And those with membership in the elite tiers of those programs get better choices of vehicles. Previously, we've noted how those with premium credit cards can pick up some of those elite tiers for free. Rental car companies even offer matches of status, such as Sixt offering instantaneous status matches in an attempt to steal the best customers of other rental car companies (literally). Then there are partnerships with airlines, where some frequent flyers are eligible to immediately claim elevated rental car status. At least three of these programs exist for members of Hertz's Gold Plus Rewards program, where Five Star and President's Circle members have expanded vehicle selection and upgrades at major airports.  

Why Partner with Airlines?

The rental car companies know that to earn elite status with airlines today, it's necessary to fly a lot of miles and meet minimum spend requirements. That means elite flyers of airlines are exactly the type of customer a rental car company like Hertz wants to attract; those who travel frequently and spend a lot! The frequent flyers of at least three programs -- Delta SkyMiles, Lufthansa Miles and More, and United MileagePlus -- have shortcuts directly to elevated Hertz Gold Plus status. We don't have status on every airline, so let us know if we are missing any tie-ins!

Delta Air Lines

Gold Medallion customers with Delta are automatically eligible for Hertz Five Star status while Platinum or Diamond Medallion customers are automatically eligible for Hertz President's Circle status. 

Delta's current tie-in with Hertz.

United Airlines

United Premier Silver and Gold customers are automatically eligible for Hertz Five Star status while flyers with Premier status (or higher) and specifically-noted credit cards are eligible for Hertz President's Circle status.

United's current tie-in with Hertz.


This one recently made the blog circuit as a way for ineligible individuals to attain President's Circle status with Hertz. Although intended for renters with LH Senator status (targetted like with Delta and United), many individuals without the necessary status attempted to take advantage of the promotion. And this is a situation where we have to remind our fellow travelers to be responsible. A user without LH Senator status should not attempt to get status from Lufthansa's tie-in, plain and simple. 

The rental car companies and airlines both have the ability to monitor these transactions. Attempting to game the system for elite status results in elevated status in the best case. At worst, the rental car company already has all of the driver's personally identifying information has the ability to preclude membership in the loyalty program. It's just not worth it!

Ready to rent your next car? We hope you always have the benefit of status to make check-out at the rental counter a breeze -- you can add your loyalty number at the time of booking! The first step is to request quotes below and we'll send you the best possible offers within minutes!

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