You planned carefully and requested a quote through AutoSlash, knowing you got the cheapest possible "Pay Later" rate available. The list of quotes included your favorite company and you booked that rate, expecting everything to work perfectly. The rental car company you picked even gave you a confirmation number for the reservation! But at some point along the way, things just don't work perfectly. You may have forgotten to add your loyalty number to the reservation so you're stuck in a seemingly interminable line instead of grabbing a car and going. Or the rental car company had run out of your booked car class and provided a substitute vehicle you want to trade in later. Or you might even realize a safety issue after picking up the car, such as low tire tread or a headlight that's blown. Rather than explain these issues to a phone-based customer support agent who's completely detached from the rental experience, we often hit Twitter for issues that occur at the counter or while we have a rental car. Really!

Our most recent episode on a personal rental involved the National Emerald Aisle that wasn't an Emerald Aisle. There were cars parked in the Executive area I was forbidden from taking, so I sent a note to National. I got an initial response within minutes asking me to DM (Direct Message) details, was offered a free day, and when I checked my account a few hours later, there was a new free rental day in my account.

Picking up a free day while in an undesirable rental car? National's service recovery effort was great!

The social media teams at the major rental car companies are set up to avoid social media debacles, so the staff on these desks often have the power to provide credits, arrange substitutions, and even reach out to regional managers when there's a local problem. Give me a choice between sending a Tweet/DM versus repeating the same information multiple times on a lengthy telephone call and Twitter helps keep my blood pressure in a healthy range!

A Few Notes of Caution

When you're at the rental car counter with a confirmation number, you have a confirmed reservation at the rate promised by the rental car company as long as you show up on time and make no changes. Once you pick up the car, you have a signed contract with the rental car company (their expensive car for a comparatively small amount of your cash). Only the rental car company can fix problems that arise at the counter or while on a rental, so it's important to report problems you might encounter!

Social media desks tend to operate limited hours per day, usually based upon the standard workday in the U.S. (starting in the morning Eastern Time, ending in the evening Pacific Time). The "Tweets & Replies" link will often give an indication whether the social media staff is currently responding to customer issues.

Hertz doesn't post their "Twitter hours" but the desk is clearly staffed during this visit to their feed.

And finally, there's an undercurrent in social media that does crop up -- fake organization profiles. If you're sharing information about your rentals, you want to ensure you're actually communicating with your rental car company! We're not sure why Twitter doesn't have the gumption to block accounts (other than clearly listed parodies) that use the intellectual property of the rental car companies, but that's (sadly) a fact of life in any industry. The official Twitter handles of the rental car companies are provided below:  


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