Old Kona Aiport State Park

Most of our near-holiday "bad behavior in rental cars" participants are on Santa's Naughty List, receiving a lump of coal (if lucky) and a trip to some government's Island of Misfit Toys. In a case involving an Alaskan couple vacationing in Hawai'i, a young lady should also be expecting the dissolution of a relationship and an extended involuntary stay after intentionally running over her boyfriend with a rental car on a former airport runway.

According to the Hawai'i Police Department and media sources, the boyfriend and girlfriend were at an abandoned airport that had been converted to a park, the Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area. After a domestic disturbance, Ms. Young initially began driving the rental car recklessly (including doughnuts) while her companion was outside the vehicle. Her heart shrank three sizes that day, as she then drove several hundred feet away to give her sufficient acceleration time to drive straight over her (former) companion, then "flee" to the end of the park and try to hide in the brush. There were plenty of witnesses to the unfortunate incident, as it was approximately 4 p.m. on Friday. Thus, she was easy to locate and is now facing a lengthy stay in Hawai'i.

"At 6:15 p.m., Saturday, (December 16), police charged Young with Attempted Murder II, Accident Involving Death or Serious Bodily Injury, Abuse of a Family/Household Member and Failure to Give Information or Render Aid. Her bail was set at $281,000." 

As of now, she's still in jail and a mental health evaluation has been ordered; the judge (quite wisely, in our estimation) refused to lower the bail as her attorney requested. Sadly, this is not the first time Ms. Young has come to the attention of law enforcement with Alaskan convictions in the past, including prostitution, shoplifting, and DUI. She was currently fighting charges of ... leaving the scene of an accident (of course). And sadly, her victim is still listed in critical condition based upon the most recent reports available; we're all hopeful he will pull through.

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