Happy Thanksgiving

Our team thinks about rental cars every day of the year, including major holidays! On this Thanksgiving, most of our team is among the estimated 51 million Americans traveling over the holiday (in rental cars, of course); no matter where you are in the world, we hope that you're also where you want to be. And we're thankful that our team of dedicated travelers has come together to help others. You see, some of us are fortunate just to be here with our friends and loved ones each year and AutoSlash almost never existed

Many of our users already know the Genesis story of our service -- AutoSlash founder Jonathan's mother suggested providing the service after all of us had experienced the frustration of searching hours to save a few dollars on rental cars. Jonathan's also eloquently shared his experience of almost not being here today; he was on the 77th Floor of the World Trade Center South Tower (WTC2) on September 11, 2001, one floor below where United 175 struck the building. The great service we provide, our team, and friendships were almost rendered impossible; we cherish the fact that we're all here today. 

So on Thanksgiving, we're grateful for what we have and have become, and thankful that we get to have new experiences each year. And as our mind's always close to rental cars, you can bet we're using either Tivo or Roku to find the greatest Thanksgiving rental car movie of all time. OK, there's really only one Thanksgiving rental car movie, but it's a good one!

We're pretty sure Diner's Club in 1987 didn't have a rental car damage waiver.

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