At one point in time, the Plenti program seemed so promising. Designed by American Express to be a single loyalty program among a large number of disparate businesses, there were many partners and even a credit card that earned Plenti points. Then all of the partners went away, until there were only four (ExxonMobil, Rite Aid, Chili's, and a grocery chain) plus the credit card. When Chili's and Rite Aid pulled out, AmEx threw in the towel. The Plenti program will completely cease and any residual points will expire on July 10, 2018. And while the AutoSlash team has already burned our points for fuel at various Exxon and Mobil stations, a small subset of users will find that their points won't expire but will be rolled over to a new program.

Goodbye to Plenti.

ExxonMobil plus a regional grocery chain would nominally (but not really) still constitute a multi-partner loyalty program, just not a sustainable one. There is one large reason we will really miss Plenti. We frequently write about ways to pick up gasoline discounts such as BP's Driver Rewards program and Pay with GasBuddy; we look at all aspects of a rental car transaction when thinking about minimizing the cost of rental cars and we spend a lot on fuel. Plenti had kicked around a few particularly lucrative promotions such as $20 back for 3 fill-ups at participating gas stations! The end of Plenti seems like the end of discounts on Exxon and Mobil purchases, except there is a new loyalty program in the works for those stations. 

A New Loyalty Program for ExxonMobil

While Plenti's ending, a new loyalty program is being created by ExxonMobil. The company promises to transfer any unredeemed points to the new program for Plenti users who earned corresponding points in the final two months of the program (between May 10, 2018, and July 10, 2018). Users who earned Plenti points in the very recent past have more flexibility than those who earned points before the announcement Plenti was to be discontinued. We earned our Plenti points before May 10th, which means we burned them all without a requirement for ExxonMobil to honor those "older" points in the new program.

Recent points earned at Exxon or Mobil will roll over.

We're fairly confident that ExxonMobil will introduce a new program as soon as Plenti ends. Their competitors have loyalty programs, the Plenti website attests there will be a new program, and ExxonMobil is also terminating a smaller, secondary loyalty program on May 31, 2018 (return and earn).

Hopefully, the two programs get replaced with one great program.

Return and earn was optional for regional affiliates but introduced in 2011, that program had a much longer (but less publicized) lifespan than AmEx-backed Plenti (2015-2018). And knowing ExxonMobil has a history of starting and stopping participation with various internal and external programs (see also, Upromise), we suspect (or hope) the replacement program will stay with us for at least a few years. Actually ... knowing the history of ExxonMobil and loyalty programs, we would be burning any residual Plenti points posthaste! 

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