Hertz Gold Rewards Spring Sweepstakes

The end of 2017 saw Hertz offer the Great Gold Sweepstakes, where one (very) lucky winner ended up with a million Gold Plus points and 1,100 other individuals won at least a free rental day. Hertz apparently saw a fantastic response to "Great Gold," as they have introduced another promotion -- the Hertz Gold Plus Spring Sweepstakes -- to drum up business at their non-airport locations after another disappointing earnings report. While not as lucrative as the Great Gold offer, the 34 prizes in the Spring Sweepstakes are Visa gift cards; $100 for each of the 31 daily prizes plus three $500 grand prizes.

The great part of this promotion is that it's among the simplest imaginable, although only 34 individuals will win. A renter simply has to complete a rental at a non-airport Hertz location while using their Gold Plus number between March 20 and April 19, 2018, to be entered into the daily contest and grand prize drawing. That's really all that's involved; if a renter's completed a qualifying Hertz rental the past few days and used a Gold Plus number without knowing about the offer --and a renter should always use a loyalty number -- that renter would automatically be entered into the first group of daily drawings to be conducted on March 28. What's more, entering the contest does not preclude the renter from earning Gold Plus points on their rentals. 

A renter's household is limited to no more than two entries per day and a renter:

a) automatically receives one (1) entry into the Sweepstakes for each car rental completed at a Hertz non-airport location under the entrant’s Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program account number (each, a “Qualifying Rental”); or

b) automatically receives two (2) entries into the Sweepstakes for each Qualifying Rental completed using Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program points to pay for the rental.

There's also the ability to mail in entries (without renting from Hertz) and mailed submissions postmarked on Mondays get entered into the "daily" contests for the following Sunday and Monday. Along with returning a vehicle on Sunday in those limited areas with Hertz non-airport locations open on Sunday, that's probably one's best chance to win this contest (statistically speaking).    

While this promotion isn't the most lucrative (and winning any prize would be a long shot), it's a contest that doesn't require any extra effort by a member of the Hertz Gold Plus program! Simply complete a non-airport rental during the promotional period and that renter is entered into that day's contest and the grand prize drawing! And it's enough to nudge my behavior from the local Enterprise to the local Hertz, given each offers the same pricing (pre-discount and post-AutoSlash). After all, someone has to win the contest's prizes -- I was fortunate to win $500 in Borden Cheese's "Home for the Holidays" promotion in December (where the prize was also a Visa card) and it definitely made my day!

A $500 Visa card on one's doorstep a few days after the holidays was very appreciated!

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