NOTE: This post refers to a contest that ended on December 31, 2017.

Hertz Gold

The Hertz corporation frequently makes decisions that baffles us. The company seems happy to make Dollar and Thrifty identical in every way but different than Hertz, which remains the company oriented toward business renters. Every member of the AutoSlash team has status with Hertz's Gold Plus Program, whether Five Star or President's Circle. Yet none of us had received an e-mail about the Hertz Great Gold Giveaway, or saw any indication of this offer, until seeing a random tweet in late September. It takes a special level of marketing for a company to create a promotion that loyal customers are unaware of but have already entered! The greatest aspect in this case is the promotion does not require opting in -- it simply requires using a customer's existing Gold Plus Number on rentals! We're hoping one of our team or AutoSlash users brings home the grand prize of 1 million Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points!

We would prefer 1 million dollars, but 1 million Hertz points is still a major award.

The Great Gold Promotion

The program offers 1,101 prizes in a random drawing after the promotion ends:

  • GRAND PRIZE: 1 Million Gold Plus Rewards Points plus $10,000 to help with taxes.
  • FIRST PRIZE (100): A Free Standard Weekly Rental (2,750 Gold Plus Points)
  • SECOND PRIZE (500): A Free Standard Weekend Rental (1,100 Gold Plus Points)
  • THIRD PRIZE (500): A Free Standard Weekend Rental Day (550 Gold Plus Points)

The prize distribution of the promo is fairly lucrative.

Qualification is exceptionally straightforward in terms of rental car companies.

  • Join the Hertz Gold Plus program and rent cars using the Hertz Gold Plus number between now and December 31, 2017 (return by January 7, 2018).
  • Or make an entry with No Purchase Required by mailing in a postcard. 
  • All of the remaining rules are available here.

What could a million Gold Plus Rewards points do under the current award chart? Under the standard award chart where a Premium car is 2,750 points per week, a million points would result in 363 weeks -- 7 years -- of free rentals (well, except local taxes). Redeeming "AnyDay" awards during high demand periods, the winner of this contest would still have 3.5 years of Premium car rentals in pocket, assuming the award chart doesn't get devalued while burning the accrued winnings.

I'm currently enjoying a single year of avoiding vehicle maintenance costs but the concept of seven years of not worrying about purchasing new vehicles or paying for maintenance would be like winning the lottery to our team members! Well, it wouldn't be seven years, as the winner (plus spouse) would probably be burning points and fuel much more rapidly to "responsibly" drive on the highway with Hertz Adrenaline Collection vehicles ...


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