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Hertz recently surveyed members of the Hertz Hub about preferences when traveling. So what's the Hertz Hub? It's much like Fight Club, invitation only, and the first rule of Hertz Hub is that one never talks about Hertz Hub, although there's an app (both Android and Apple) for members. Did Hertz come up with any mind-blowing results from this survey of 6,000+ individuals? Not really ...

Can Anyone Join Hertz Hub?

Well, not exactly. Individual travelers can request access to Hertz Hub but there's no guarantee that the moderators will say "sure, come on in". The AutoSlash team has at least one member of Hertz Hub but what happens in Hertz Hub stays in Hertz Hub. 

The Hertz hub is a private online community where we have invited a select group of people to become our trusted advisors, contributing to the development of Hertz products, marketing ideas, services and the brand. In order to foster greater real-time collaboration, we are providing an innovative app for our existing Hertz Hub community members. This app will enable you, as a member, to provide us with your thoughts and ideas at the point of inspiration, whether you are at work, home or on-the-go. On the Hertz Hub mobile app, you can fully engage with survey activities as you would on your desktop. You can post in any discussion space from the palm of your hand and upload videos and images on the move.

However ... when Hertz speaks to the press about Hertz Hub, that public knowledge is fair game for our blog. So what did members reveal about their travel preferences?

Survey Results

Frequent Hertz renters prefer to have a rental car on long business trips. Obviously, these users wouldn't be frequent Hertz renters if they didn't like having a rental car. Perhaps to assuage investors and make poor management decisions, Hertz declared that 88% of frequent Hertz customers would prefer a rental car on business trips of three or more days, even though we all know that ride-hailing services are now more prevalent on corporate expense reports. Ride-hailing came in at 7% and public transportation came in at 3%. Other means of transportation (ostensibly taxis and walking) make up the last 2%, which shows a broad societal shift since our team initially started traveling.

South Park on why taxis were losing market share to a ride-hailing service.

Frequent travelers are said to dislike long lines (almost as much as bad airline seats); avoiding lines is one of the reasons our team members use elite status with Avis (Select & Go), Hertz (Gold Plus), and National (Emerald Club) to choose our own cars and go when on the road. And 2% of travelers disliked traveling with the newest employee most of all -- every large organization has that fearful, jaded person who doesn't exactly care for mentoring the next generation of capable employees.


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