UPDATE: Hertz and SpotHero decided the original offer was too generous; first time users can now receive a $7 discount on the first parking reservation.
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For those residing outside of major cities, it's easy to overlook two common expenses that rental car users might encounter: tolls and parking. In fact, our team members have ridden discount buses between Washington, D.C. and New York City to avoid tolls and parking -- gas and maintenance for our personal vehicles are small expenses by comparison on that route! Tolls are often avoidable by driving alternate routes but avoiding parking fees is frequently impossible. If one has to pay for parking, it's nice to get a discount, even if just for a single transaction!

Parking during a rental contract is always the renter's responsibility:

  • Get towed for illegal parking? The renter's going to pay.
  • Get a parking ticket in a rental car? It's the renter's responsibility to pay. Ignore the fine and the bill will eventually go to the rental car company and will increase drastically after various administrative fees. Still don't pay? The rental car companies have a Do Not Rent list that will prevent a recurrence.
  • Park your car in San Francisco? It's the renter's financial responsibility (through insurance, credit card coverage, or out of pocket) if the car's burglarized or stolen

We seek out garages (preferably ones that are secured and gated) when we have to park in major cities, treating a rental car the same way we would treat our personal vehicle. One source of frustration? Overly inflated parking costs and "Garage Full" signs in our desired walking radius.

The SpotHero app can help with both of these factors. Specifically, the app allows a user to make a booking for specific times and dates, guaranteeing a space. In addition, the app allows quick cost comparisons across multiple parking structures, describes the amenities, lists the height of vehicles allowed, and even allows prepayment by credit card.

Our mention of SpotHero isn't an endorsement by any means -- it's tied to an offer listed by Hertz. From now through March 31, 2018, new users can get $10 off a first SpotHero reservation through the link on Hertz's website. Hertz stresses that SpotHero is not a Hertz subsidiary, so the $10 discount is entirely SpotHero's responsibility to fulfill. Given many of the other SpotHero codes available online only create a $5 savings, new users might just benefit by clicking through Hertz's website before enrolling. 

Searching for a parking app? A $10 discount just might be an inducement.

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